Alien: Isolation to Last Around 12-15 Hours

Alien: Isolation is only a few more weeks away from release and we're priming ourselves for a very intense and stressful reviewing period with it. Thankfully, we now have an idea of how long we'll have to...
Only Speaking Professionally

Only Speaki… err

Hello, Lachlan Williams here! Charmed, huh? This week there shall be no Only Speaking Professionally because I am currently in Japan for the Tokyo Game Show. As such I am a complete and utter physical wreck...

Clock Tower Spiritual Successor Unveiled

Franchise Director of the popular horror series Clock Tower, Hifumi Kono, has unveiled his newest project titled, Project Scissors, which was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2014, during their Indie Stream...

NHL 15 Review

Sports games are a really fickle beast to review sometimes. Some years there’s little to no change to the game aside from a few new modes, little graphic tweaks here and there, and maybe some new lines of...

Destiny Review

The wait is finally over. Bungie's highly anticipated game, Destiny, has been available for almost one full week. The game reportedly pulled in $500 million on it's first day available, and I myself have spent...

FIFA 15 Origin Key is $45 vs Console’s $60

Next week Tuesday, FIFA 15 makes its debut in the US with its world wide release just days later. In a bid to get you to pre-order, EA Origin is throwing out a pre-order bonus worth 15 FUT Gold Packs for the...