12 Minute Live Demo Video Showing Off All the Features of Xbox One


The Xbox One has been receiving quite a bit of flak over the last couple weeks due to some really overblown issues, none of which we have covered here at OnlySP. Here, we care about the games, and informing the customer about the product they plan to purchase, not drama or overblown related issues in the industry. We’ll leave that up to the sites who spend their time focusing on that for traffic via N4G.

Microsoft today released a new video showing off the Xbox One in a live hands-on demo with Marc Whitten and Yusuf  Mehdi. The video does an excellent job of showing you how much the Xbox One can actually do, and even as someone whose pretty knowledgeable about the console, I learned a few things while watching the video. One of those things is a Skype feature, which may surprise you when you see it. I never was fond of the whole Kinect process, but Kinect 2.0 is starting to intrigue me more and more as I continue to learn more about it.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think below in the comments.

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