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Nick’s done it. He’s let the cat out of the bag. Yep, we’ve been sitting on some pretty big news, and it’s been a bit difficult at times to not explode with excitement, and now we’re finally allowed to tell you about it.

OnlySP has signed on with Crave Online.

Nick’s written the official announcement. It’s over here. It talks about what we’ve been up to, what Nick’s been doing this month, and what we have planned for the rest of the year. It also has some rather flattering words about me. I’ll take a gin and tonic, thanks Nick.

Now, as Editor-in-Chief, it’s my turn to say some words.

Firstly, I want to thank all the hard work everyone who’s ever worked with us has put in to the site. All the writers, video content makers, artists, musicians, designers – everyone who has believed in OnlySP and done anything to help us grow.

Next, I want to thank everyone who has ever supported our content. Anyone who has clicked, commented, tweeted, shared, liked, social media’d – everyone who has enjoyed and supported our content. We do it all for you, and every set of eyes on our work makes us proud.

Finally, I want to give a specific shoutout to Nick Calandra. Without him, literally none of this would be possible. The work Nick has put in to this site is, frankly, astounding. Aside from the fact that OnlySP is his brainchild, Nick does plenty of work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs fine. He ensures we have servers. He makes sure all our links over the interwebs work. He takes care of all the code. He does all of our tech stuff. He writes stories. And he does it all with a busy student life. This guy works hard, and he deserves all the success OnlySP receives. Thanks Nick. You’re a pretty swell dude.

Okay, a bit on our partnership with Crave.

OnlySP is still an independent site. OnlySP works to create our own, interesting, single player focused content. There is zero outside influence on our content. That’s the way I like it. Crave Online have been spectacular in supporting our editorial stance on, well, everything. Our content and the way we make it was what Crave liked about OnlySP, and they want us to keep doing it our way. And I am thankful for that.

This partnership with Crave Online is a huge opportunity for OnlySP. It lets us reach more readers, inform and entertain more people. And it increases our visibility with publishers and developers, allowing us to get even more exclusive new content for you.

That’s unbelievably exciting for us.

We are set to have our best year yet. We definitely want you all along for the ride. Things will only get better in this, the year of OnlySP.

To the future,

Lachlan Williams,

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