Adventure-Horror Game, Kholat, Gets New Trailer; Moves to Unreal Engine 4

A relatively unknown upcoming indie adventure-horror game has received a rather large update today.

The developers of the Kholat, ImagiNation, have unleashed a new trailer for the game which gives you a glimpse at the game’s dreary and somewhat pretty atmosphere. If you’ve never heard of Kholat, the game’s synopsis will be posted just below.

Kholat is an adventure-horror game inspired by true event known as Dyatlov Pass incident – mysterious death of nine Russian hikers, that led to countless, unconfirmed hypotheses. Player will dive directly into boundless scenery of inhospitable Ural Mountains, with task to find out what really happened. In the course of events you may approach even more question marks. 

Will you find the answer?
Will you get any closer to the truth?
Will you survive?

In addition to the new trailer, the game has also been moved over to Unreal Engine 4 to continue its development cycle.

Check out the brand new trailer just below and be on the lookout for the game in Q1 2015 on the PC. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information on Kholat as it becomes available so be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

  • Orion

    Oooh, I watched a (badly acted, but fun) movie on the subject and did some reading on the actual incident. Nothing as mysterious as pop culture likes to make of it, it seems, but a horror/adventure game based on the more colorful versions of it sounds very good.

    The trailer is very melancholic. It seems the company is a small Polish one, so it’s encouraging. I find big companies tend to go for the pop-corn, jump scare value of games and more mainstream culture often misses out on what true horror is (hint: not gore and jump scares). So a small European company is encouraging in terms of atmosphere and a less commercial-oriented experience.

    I also like the title. It’s from Kholat Syakhl, the mountain where it happened. It means ‘Dead Mountain’ in Mansi. So yes, do gimme please. :)