Alien: Isolation Leaked Screenshots


There is an increasing amount of evidence supporting the idea that the The Creative Assembly’s Alien project is indeed the oft rumoured Alien: Isolation, believed to follow the story of Amanda Ripley, daughter of the franchise’s traditional protagonist Ellen Ripley. The latest leak comes from Twitter user Lifelower and contains a set of four screenshots that seem to be set within some kind of a space base not dissimilar to those that have appeared in the films in the past, with one of them including the motion scanner:


They follow on from the initial report, Twentieth Century Fox’s trademarking of the title and earlier artwork in hinting that the project may not be too far from confirmation. It has also been reported that Sega took the feedback that it received for Aliens: Colonial Marines, and are committed to making a better game. Alien: Isolation is to rumoured to be released on current- and next-gen consoles, and presumably PC as well. Check out the other 3 screenshots below:




Source: Twitter (Lifelower)

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