Areal – The “Definitive” STALKER Successor, or Something Else? | Exclusive Interview

EDITORS NOTE: This interview was conducted the day of the Kickstarter. We did not receive our answers back until the AFTER the things about the Kickstarter started popping up that it might be a scam. We also follow a schedule for our interviews and this was the day for the interview to go live. We understand your concerns with the project, and don’t take this interview as our way of saying “go fund it”. We are as confused as you about the project, and this will be our final piece of coverage until they developers show something tangible.  We’re sorry for any confusion this may have brought you.

According to comments, the developers have been adding the final piece with their own QA to other interviews, so that should speak volume. While we won’t take the article down due to the response we will get, like people constantly asking where it is and a bunch of broken links, we do advise that you stay away from funding this “concept” for the time being.


West Games’ Areal Kickstarter has been in the spotlight lately due to some people questioning the authenticity of the project. Areal, which is claiming to be a spiritual successor to the beloved STALKER franchise, made by West Games, who claim to be former STALKER developers, has come under fire regarding art, assets, team resumes, the low funding goal, and the right to claim spiritual succession of STALKER. Despite all these floating issues, some of which are settled, some of which are still being resolved, Areal appears to be a fascinating project. We decided to chat with West Games about survival, Metamorphite, and the inevitable comparisons to STALKER.

Areal places you in the Russian taiga – an area suffering the aftermath of an unusual meteor strike. In the wake of the meteorite, a mysterious substance called Metamorphite has begun to spread through the land, warping everything it touches to the point of the collapse of human civilisation. The immediate area surrounding the meteor strike was divided into three areas – the relatively safe green zone, more contaminated yellow zone, and the red zone – a place so toxic that anyone who enters it is irreversibly mutated. You play as the only person in the world who can venture into the Metamorphite-infested woods and return unchanged.

Areal’s world is based on the book of the same name by Sergey Tarmashev, whom West Games says they are collaborating with on their Kickstarter page. While the game’s storyline will “cross over with the storyline of the book”, the game will have its own storyline, distinct from the novel. “The larger world and back-story is very much based on the book though.”


With Areal still in the pre-alpha stage, everything is subject to change, but West Games are aiming to make the main story 20 hours long. Playtime is increased through exploration, discovery, collectibles, customisation, and side missions, although an exact hour figure on that increase is unsure at this point. “The fact that every player’s experience is unique also adds an undoubtable layer of replayability.” West Games told us.

Following STALKER’s example, Areal is a first person shooter with RPG elements. “Areal will have a wide array of options for customization,” we were told, “and we take a lot of elements that people associate more with RPGs to do that.” This eventuates in the customisable features within the game. Guns, armour, vehicles, and character traits can be customised to suit how you play. On top of that, Metamorphite can grant special abilities, which the player can choose to use in different ways.

But Metamorphite is not solely for special abilities. “Metamorphite is integral to everything in the world of Areal.” West Games told us. “Metamorphite is a versatile substance that acts as health, a form of money, and even as a valid means of offensive weaponry.” Exactly how this will play out in the final game we weren’t told, but the system sounds like an interesting expansion of STALKER’s artifacts.


West Games is taking a non-linear approach to gameplay, providing players a number of ways to complete their missions. “For us, non-linearity means that the player can choose his own distinct solution to the situation that he finds himself in.” West Games said. “So for example, a group of bandits steals something from a camp, and that camp asks you to retrieve what those bandits stole. Now normally, you’d just track down and kill said bandits and the mission is over, but in Areal, you can side with the bandits, ignore the situation and hope it resolves by itself, or even try to reason with the bandits.” Even Areal’s side missions will follow this non-linear approach, giving players variety to enjoy.

Interestingly, Areal won’t be solely first person. According to West Games, there will be
“opportunities wherein you can switch from first person to third person, in order to get a more cinematic feel.” These third person occasions will be entirely optional, however, and controlled by the player, meaning those who want to stay immersed can, while those looking for a more dramatic approach can take that too.

The world of Areal will be even harsher than STALKER’s Zone. “In Areal, almost every living organism has been altered or mutated in some way.” we were told. “Some look relatively similar to what they were before, while others look nothing like what they originally were.” The closer to the centre of Areal’s world, the more dangerous the world gets. “So for example,” West Games told us, “if you go into the red zone, then you’ll have a hard time trying to make it out of there alive.” And as you progress, the landscape and creatures only become harsher and more twisted.

“Areal is a strange world that gets even stranger the further you venture into it. It has a wide array of environments that range from colourful to bleak and post-apocalyptic. The green zone is relatively normal, and things can be considered as ‘normal’ there. The yellow zone is very strange, with plenty of mutants, a bleaker atmosphere, and even things that somehow bend the laws of physics. The red zone is a wasteland that is horrible in every way imaginable – the laws of physics have been altered and horrendous things occur there that are unfathomably scary.”

Anomalies play an important role in creating a dangerous world. As you penetrate deeper into Areal, even the environment itself becomes hostile, with anomalies peppering the surrounds. Anomalies are dangerous strangenesses, where death lurks. “For the most part, they will kill you.” West Games told us. “They are havens for all sorts of horrendous things.”


The size of Areal’s world itself is still changing, but West Games promises to “expand it as much as possible” dependant on the team’s capabilities. A discerning eye is being applied to world design, however, with West Games aiming to eliminate filler where possible. “[W]e can say that we do not add to the world needlessly,” they told us, “and every section of the map should have a purpose. So even if you venture a little bit into the world, you’re bound to encounter lots of interesting situations.”

According to West Games, Areal has been talked about with potential publishers and investors, “and it wouldn’t be correct to say that they aren’t interested in [Areal].” However, the team voluntarily decided to take the game to Kickstarter, deciding that the benefits of Kickstarter were what they wanted for Areal. “Kickstarter gives you something that neither publishers nor investors can give you,” they told us, “and that’s a higher degree of creative freedom.”

While the West Games team “can’t really discuss what’s happened internally at GSC” regarding STALKER 2’s development, the team told us that the idea for Areal came “roughly 2 years after the closure of GSC.” With STALKER 2 on ice, the West Games team are using the “clean slate” of Areal to realise some of the ideas that they had in mind for STALKER 2.


West Games will be using a proprietary engine for Areal. The developers, who have previously worked on Unreal, CryEngine, X-Ray, and Unity, are using that experience to develop an engine that will give the team what they need to make Areal. “With that said, we have shown what we are capable of doing previously, and are in the process of creating this framework.” That engine sounds like it is still being worked on, since West Games reminded us that Areal is still in pre-alpha.

Perhaps a strange match for Areal, West Games have expressed interest in bringing the game to Wii U. In fact, it’s precisely because it is a strange combination that West Games wish to bring Areal to the Wii U. “We think that many Wii U owners are interested in having a game like ours on their system.” we were told. “[S]omething like Areal is a rarity on the Wii U.” It brings up obvious questions regarding performance, considering the Wii U’s severe lack of processing oomph, especially compared to this latest generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles, not to mention PC. West Games are optimistic, though – “[w]e want to say that we will not sacrifice quality or graphics because of the variety of platforms that we are releasing on.” they told us. “The Wii U will have all of the features that other versions of the game have.”

Areal is currently being Kickstarted with a $50 000 goal. West Games are aiming for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U releases, although no date has yet been set. Thanks very much to the team at West Games for taking the time to talk about Areal.


In addition to this interview, which was organised before the Kickstarter went live and conducted over email, West Games sent along an official statement to us regarding the recent controversies surrounding the game’s Kickstarter, which was also posted on their Kickstarter page via an update. We’re publishing the entire statement, completely unaltered, right below.

“Some people have accused you of not being real. What do you have to say to those accusations?

They are completely false and were spread originally by vostok games and Misery LTD. We have posted numerous updates, including video updates, that have systemically dis-proven every accusation that has been made against us (Post).

Both Vostok Games and Misery LTD have retracted their accusations against us officially. Unfortunately, some news outlets have taken their word without doing any fact checking, and have posted these allegations against us. There is an unfortunately true saying on the internet, and it’s that if you repeat a lie often enough, it then becomes fact.

Is 50,000 enough to make the game?

This is a question that we get a lot. But before I answer it, I want to ask two other questions. Why do people think that 50,000 is the maximum that we can raise, and not the absolute minimum? And why are professional’s salaries different in different countries?

We have a start up, we already have fans, plus we ourselves are fans of what we’re doing, so we don’t need big salaries. We need an opportunity to do, create , promote and make the world a more exciting place. That’s why we did not force up our salaries and expenses. To further elaborate on our budget though, we have a whole section on our Kickstarter dedicated to why our BASE goal is what it is:

” We’ve pooled all of our savings into making Areal, and don’t have funds to go any further. Unlike most companies, every one of our employees has invested their time and money into making Areal. The budget that we’ve pooled together covers salaries and some aspects of game development. We need the Kickstarter and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. community to support us by helping us cover the rest. Marketing also makes up a huge portion of most budgets, so we will rely on internal marketing as well as word of mouth to lower those costs substantially. ”


NOTE: OnlySP has no stake in the Areal Kickstarter and is just passing along information. You are free to decide to support the Kickstarter or not based on your overall impression.

  • Stalker fan

    “although no date has yet been set”

    Yes, they have. September 2015 is the date West Games has set as it’s release for all platforms. Again this interview only recycles old information that everyone is already aware of. If you google search every other West Games approved interview or article about their game Areal, it’s always the same copy and pasted responses. West Games still refuses to answer many pertinent questions many people are asking on their facebook, kickstarter and by email.

    There are pages of information, with evidence, about how West Games has lied, stolen others’ work and generally been dishonest throughout their entire kickstarter campaign, on their kickstarter page. They also refuse to justify or explain any of this shady behaviour, instead banning, deleting or ignoring pledgers bringing up legitimate concerns on their kickstarter and facebook page.

    I like how you add this at the bottom of the article:

    “OnlySP has no stake in the Areal Kickstarter and is just passing along information. You are free to decide to support the Kickstarter or not based on your overall impression.”

    It’s like you are insuring yourselves for when this all collapses, which it will.

    • Nick Calandra

      What did you want us to add? We interviewed the developers before the whole thing went to shit basically. We saw the project pop up, asked for an interview and sent out questions. We’ve already covered the fact that the project has had its issues so were not insuring ourselves of anything, aside from the interview we’ve essentially stopped covering the project all together until we see something tangible.

      If you want to support the project go for it, if you don’t, don’t. It’s really simple.

      • Stalker fan

        Apologies, i did not mean to come off so aggressive. But it does strike me as weird you would post this article after so long. These are the same exact answers they have given in every interview they have done.

        West Games are using this article as another means to misdirect and pacify their disillusioned pledgers. I suppose that is not your fault though. There’s a long list of questions West Games refuses to answer and seeing an update on their KS with another link to an article where they recycle their previous non-answers is pretty infuriating. Again, that is not your problem to resolve so apologies.

        If you are familiar with the ongoing problems this campaign has, would I be pushing it to ask for your own personal opinion on what your take on all this is? Did West Games give you any hard proof of what they have done towards creating this game so far? (screenshots, gameplay video, or anything of that nature)

        I understand if you feel you can not answer but I thought I should try.

        • Matthew Farmery

          I personally think this interview should be removed, if you done a bit of research, you will see the exact same copy and paste answers they have done, same with a nintendo one and some others.

          did you sign an NDA or approved the interview to be viewed and edited by West Games themselves?

          the thing is, WG have been trying hard to control what questions and answers are asked, and they required that the interview is reviewed by them before anything is allowed to be posted.

          if you have done something similar, you have been had, as this is what they have been trying to do for for other interviews, only forbes stood up to them,

          this KS is nothing but a shambles, and I have got a reply from one of my tickets from KS staff that the KS itself is now under investigation, so hopefully, KS will set in, but there is so much damning evidence against wG now, that the KS can’t be allowed to continue, or that it can get any more publicty that it already has.

          WG have been liying to backers from day on, misleading both us and interviewers like yourself, they refused to comment on the comments page, they said that they will allow people to send them emails, but don”t fall for that, as that is probably a scam, and your email address will be spammed to high heaven, and the email sold to other sites for profit,

          WG haven’t been honest with backers, I highly suggest you take this article / interview down, as its not current, or correct, and is just giving WG more unneeded publicty for their scam of a KS

          • darks

            I have to agree, this interview should be removed, do not give these lying assholes any cause for their shoddy KS project. I was one who at first jumped on this and funded the game. but I have since removed my pledge completely not even giving them one dollar. I will not support anyone who is so devious in their attempts to extort the public.

          • Matthew Farmery

            I think the real issue is, we have know nothing about the game, the supposed updates tell us very little, and we get redirected to them when WG did comment on the front page comments, and they haven’t commented since 30 of june, when they denied using unity assets and denying owning the facebook page that had it, (but in the PR girl’s defence, she probably didn’t really know about the page) but the page was quickly deleted, and they been deleting evidence of other stuff too,

            what is more, they been using fake accounts, (at least 2 confirmed)

            the real issue is, we have nothing on the game, or how its mean to work, they added concept art of vehicles, and helicopters and not said how they would work, apart from the vehicles can only work in the green zone, but that in itself doesn’t make much sense, if the game is split into 3 zones, green, yellow red, what is more, some people have said the while areal is based off a book, the game copies from the command and conquer games of westwood / EA,

            the other thing is, if this is meant to be a spiritual successor of Stalker, it really doesn’t feel like it, just like a completely different game, and they are using the stalker name as a means of publicity, same with the pitch video. its just stalker, stalker and stalker, with a bit of areal mentioned.

            they will need a publisher, but yet to announce one, they offer 6 platforms, physical disks, there is not a hope in hell of them been able to do that with 50k, in fact someone broke down the figures, as they would need dev kits for the 3 platforms, amazon and KS fees, las vegas tax, failed transactions, and there might be something else, oh yes the wages, so once all that is deducted, they might be luckly to get a fraction of 50k back.

            yet there is evidence from the russian news site that did a exclusive interview with kim, and they realised that the WG is after big cash and using the KS funds to build a prototype / tech demo, which also violates KS rules, so they broken every rule in the book.

            I know this is about the game, but there is no game, no info about it, just made up details to keep backers happy, but that has backfired, people who have been standing up to WG are posting stuff to warn other backers, this thing can not be funded, because its just a blatant scam,

            I’m sorry if you think I’m hitting at the site, but you have been used, just like other places that are saying good things and showing the same copy and paste crap that WG been spoon feeding them,

            please stand up and start covering the game / WG in their true light, a bunch of liers who are abusing the trust of the stalker community, and KS backers and KS platform,

            this KS must be shut down, even the supposed AMA I think may not happen, or it it is, will only answer some questions, as backers have complied their own list of questions for WG and been ignored, so they are clearly hiding something, probably about using KS to fund to make a tech demo, but I suspect there is more too it then that.

            please stand up and start telling people the trut about WG and the game, as there is probably no game at all, everything points to been in pre production, not pre aplha as they claim. even then, I don’t think they have a clue what type of game they are making, like the vehicles, why have them when they can only be used in the green zone, and helicopters seem utter pointless, plus we aren’t been told if we can fly them or not. so many questions and so few dratted answers.

            if you want to cover more on areal, do so, but please, don’t believe WG lies, as they have been lying from the very start, as we have tonnes of prooof that proves that.

          • Nick Calandra

            As I said above, I understand the concerns about covering the project. As you said though, nobody really knows for sure. So for one, it doesn’t make sense for us to cover things that are not confirmed, because as you’ve seen with publishing this interview, it kinda comes back to bite us in the ass either way haha. Giving the project no coverage is sometimes better than giving it coverage at all, irregardless of good or bad info.

        • Nick Calandra

          Sall good man. I actually didn’t read those other interviews, first time I’m seeing them and I’m kinda shocked now. It would be pointless to take down the whole article because people will then ask where it is and I’ll have to further explain why it was taken down and so on, so I’ve added the Editor’s Note to the top of the page to warn those who do read it.

          I do apologize on the behalf of OnlySP for not further checking into the claims being made, but aside from this last piece of coverage, we have avoided covering the project at all. For what it is, the funding goal has been stumped at like 33-34K for the past week so I think people are smart enough to see what’s going on before they use their money.

          And yea, they did add those questions to our already published interview and did want a preview. We sent them a preview after we published the interview and did not change anything in this article following the sending of that preview.

          Basically, for what you know, the game is basically a concept right now, they have nothing to show for it, which is what we reported on, the concept. If anything, the more people know about this campaign, the more that will be dug up on it and exposing what needs to be exposed.

      • nashathedog

        You said you’ve already covered the fact the project has had issues. If that’s the case don’t you owe it too your readers to research this for yourself and update on all aspects of that (some claims were wrong and some were not) rather than release a day one interview so long after getting it?

        Plus if there is another articles covering issues found after the interview you should at least link to the article.

  • Nick Evans

    We are over halfway through this kickstarter campaign now and we have had a total of 17 updates with approximately about 6 or 7 “concept” art pieces and no gameplay details aside from what was told to you during your interview. They claim they are working on a proprietary engine yet have nothing to back up those claims.

    They say they are in pre-alpha but the majority of us backers honestly believe that the game is in pre-production. There is not one shred of proof that there is anything even resembling a game at this point. They claimed that they had the AI, inventory and many missions already planned out yet they refuse to share any of that with us.

    We also dug up another interview where West Games confirmed that $50,000 is not enough to finish this game and that the $50,000 was basically going towards polishing up a prototype so they could attract a larger investor. That alone, is a major violation of kickstarter as you are not allowed to have startups with the hopes of attracting more money down the road. By doing this, West Games is putting all the rewards for the backers in serious jeopardy because there’s no guarantee that anything will be fulfilled.

    You say that you interviewed West Games before this all went to shit, but if you had read up on the project at all you would have seen that the project went to shit at about day 2 of the campaign.

    • Nick Calandra

      We did know that the project went to shit on Day 2. If you do a search we covered it. This interview is about the game itself, even if it IS a concept. The way this project has been managed has been a nightmare to even cover because nobody knows what’s real and what’s not.

      • Nick Evans

        well I am glad to know that you share our frustrations. We were hoping for some real information in the latest update, but instead we got this article, and no offense to you guys, but it goes over the same sorts of questions that have been answered time and again. Us backers want some more proof that there is even a game coming..

        • Nick Calandra

          Oh yea I totally agree, I’ve been checking the updates daily to look for new information or anything tangible and keep being disappointed. Trust me, were on your side with this one ha, we’re gamers first before writers. This is something I was instantly interested in then pissed off about the moment things started popping up.

  • nashathedog

    Yet again the focus is put on the claim that there not real developers, Of course they are we all know that, Such claims where made by a few people at the start and have long since been proven false,
    How is this relevant to the current situation and the questions that have been raised since?
    West games have failed to answer the questions we need answers to,
    They continue to fall back on the same few issues that are non-issues.
    Posting this same stuff yet again is a joke.

  • Martin

    Love how the same 4 trolls on their Kickstarter have come here to spam
    their hatred and lies here. They’re probably going to spam their AMA
    too. They didn’t even bother changing their nicknames. Nick Evans,
    Matthew Farmery and Nasha the dog. Look at their Kickstarter profile
    history and look for a single positive comment. I wonder how much
    they’re getting paid to keep posting their bullcrap everywhere.

    • nashathedog

      Thank you Martin, That’s the exact same excuse used as to why West games won’t answer the same three questions that have been put to them regarding Areal.
      Have you considered that not changing our names might be because we have nothing to hide?
      After all that is based on the same reasoning that was used when saying they wouldn’t put there faces on a video if they were lying.
      If they answered the questions they clearly do not want to answer I could stop asking them and having to point them out, As I’ve said before ignoring a problem does not make it go away.

    • Philomelle

      I know people supporting West Games have been so far obsessed with ignoring all issues with their behavior, so allow me to spell this out and make you realize just how embarrassing slinging accusations on this particular website is.

      West Games has signed an exclusivity agreement with Only Single Player and provided them with an interview. Exclusive content means that none of the material included in the interview should be posted by either the reporters or the ones being interviewed before the article goes live. Doing so would make the information no longer “exclusive,” thus harming both the quality of information and the developers’ integrity (as they have promised to provide information nobody else did).

      However, West Games have copy/pasted their answers to OnlySP everywhere they could long before the interview went live. The result is that supposedly “exclusive” information is now old and rehashed from other websites, meaning that OnlySP no longer have the edge of providing exclusive information and inadvertently lied to their readers.

      In other words, you’re defending West Games on a website whose editorial was harmed by their irresponsible behavior and inability to keep a promise. That is beyond rude. Please, have some dignity.

      • Nick Calandra

        Ha, you’re assuming way too much there. We signed no “deal” with West Games. An “Exclusive” interview is when we interview a development team directly. All of our interviews are labeled as such. You’re reading way too far into the world exclusive there. We did not “lie” to our readers. We provided the information we were given. I, nor do my writers have the time to go around, fact checking every other interview West Games have done with other websites.

        The last part of the interview, if you READ, specifically says that these questions were posted on their Kickstarter page. Please, before you start making assumptions about what our website did or didn’t do, get in touch, I’ll be happy to answer your questions before you make accusations that we lied to our readers, signed exclusive deals and all that.

        Check the history of a site before you bash it please, we’re not here to mislead you in any way. Obviously you’re pretty passionate about this situation which I understand. This is a very complicated situation as nobody has a clear answer. You, do not know that the project is a fake, just like the rest of us. Sure the signs are there, but nobody is 100% for sure on this. They could be running the shittiest Kickstarter in existence, doesn’t mean it’s a fake project.

        Again, before you take that as me “defending” the project, I’m not. I’m just looking at it logically.

        • Philomelle

          I think you misread what I was saying. I wasn’t bashing the website or accusing you of misleading them, neither I claimed that you actually lied to your readers. If anything, I’m defending your website here.

          What I’m saying is that West Games had no right to leak the answers they gave you to every single press outlet on the internet after promising you an exclusive interview. People came to your website seeking new information and instead found the same old answers they’ve seen a hundred times now, despite the label “exclusive” on top. That is dishonest both to the readers and to you, for reasons that are completely outside your control.

          • Nick Calandra

            Heh, sorry man. Been dealing with this all day read a little too fast there. Yea, no, whatever West Games is up to needs to be fixed. The fact that the Kickstarter has essentially stalled all together and nobody seems to be worried about it on their end is mind boggling to me. They had a huge start up potential and that’s just gone now and they’ve pretty much tarnished their reputations. So, if there is a game in the works, it’s not gonna be funded through Kickstarter anymore.

            Kinda sucks if the project is indeed real because it’s a really cool sounding concept that I would love to see.

          • Matthew Farmery

            We all hoped for a Stalker like sequel, as stalker was also one of my fav games, but still, what WG are doing is breaking every rule in the book, none of us who are trying too say negative stuff about areal and WG, are attacking this site, so really sorry if that might appear the case.

            still, yes, what head start and trust WG had is pretty much gone, I think the current pledging has been down to some pople pledging and not reading up on the game, or hopes of seeing the AMA, which in itself is going to be interesting. some of us think they will pull out of it at the last minute, others think it might go ahead but with copy and paste answers, there is a third theory, but maybe less likely.

            I know you are trying to do you job, and hope that this new of a new stalker like game will be for everyone’s benefit, but a few of us think there is no game yet, not even a tech demo, and they WG are waiting for the cash before iit really happens, if the russian site is to be believed, and that is very likely at this stage.

            but I do think this KS must be shut down no matter what, if more of these rule breaking projects go through, it will simply destroy the KS platform and whatever trust backers might have had in the system. it won’t be just gamers that will be hit hard by this, but KS and amazon, who take their usual 10% cut from every funded game, but what if people move away from KS? no more cuts, no profit from completed projects, because no one trust KS anymore, I really hope KS will shut this down, because if they allow it through, more and more scams will be allowed through, then we might as well hope that the dratted publishers give us games that we want to play, but don’t expect that to happen.,

            at the end of the day, Areal must not be allowed to be funded. too many red flags, I do hope you continue to watch this and update this article, but please take what Wg says with the tiniest grain of salt,

          • Philomelle

            Oh, don’t worry about it. From what I’ve experienced so far, a lot of journalists are on edge over this incident because of how West Games have been treating them. I just checked in with Games-TV, a Russian website who leaked information about this being a start-up, and they don’t seem very impressed by Eugene Kim insulting them during the Reddit AMA.

            If it helps, I find your website to be pretty cool. I don’t follow all that many gaming sites, but I’ll most likely check in on yours from time to time.

    • Matthew Farmery

      how can you call us trolls, when we know for a fact, Wet Games have been using fake accounts to mislead, backers (confirmed) the same copy and paste answers, also I suggestion you take a look at the forbes interview, as WG clearly wanted to censor and want approval of the interview, and forbes stood up to them, and yet you defend a company that does that?

      we have given WG time to answer, over 3 hours or more, yet they not posted anything since the 30 jun, again doesn’t that strike you a bit odd? the video on their home page is mainly staler footage, but nothing of their own engine or game, yet you look at other indie projects on KS, and many or them will happily show off their game in an early state, and will answer questions..

      and lets not forget this KS breaks pretty much every KS rule, and I have a response from the KS staff to say that the KS is now under investigation, on top of the fact, the leaked russian video says that the money for KS isn’t going towards the game, but to a tech demo, so that WG could attract the big cash, again a break of the rules.

      myself and others have been trying to make people realise this and why we been posting the facts. you may not like our methods, but this KS is nothing but a blatant scam, and yet, WG have been deleting any negitive comments on their own FB page, heavily censored and controlled

      don’t you at least find that a bit odd? we aren’t the ones doing the real damage, WH themselves are, and yet they still not answered any of the backers questions, and now pretty much ignore or delete us from FB