Assassin’s Creed V to Take Place in Russia?

Well, it’s about that time of year again.

The last few Assassin’s Creed games have been announced in March with details leaking out before their reveal. Last year Black Flag was outed by sources at Kotaku. So far this year, no big leaks have happened yet, but the rumor mill has ramped up in the past few days with titles like Assassin’s Creed V: Great Fall being thrown around. There was an image and a audio clip on the official forums for Assassin’s Creed posted for that yesterday, but was quickly debunked by another user.

Today the official channel for Assassin’s Creed: Initiates has been steathfully posting some possible teasers for the next Assassin’s Creed. The account posted two separate Tweets with hexadecimal that can be translated into text with the first entry saying “north” and the second entry saying “east”. Thanks to some users over at NeoGAF, we have a good idea of where the coordinates in the Tweets are located in the real world.

The first Tweet points to a random location near the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada. Could this be the location for the modern day setting? In Black Flag the modern day setting was in Montreal Quebec, which is the city in Canada where one of Ubisoft’s studios are based. The coordinates will be posted below so you can confirm it for yourself.

NEOGAF: (4e6f727468) = 110.646 – 55.762667

4e6f727468 means North. Is this location for modern day?…d6d09816f8c050

The second tweet points to a location near Moscow, Russia.

NEOGAF: (45617374) = 74.795917 – 37.579250

45617374 means East

And if i am right this is final location…5ca0e66396f068


The first location could be the location of the present day part of Assassin’s Creed while Russia has the focus of the historical aspect of the game.

Adding more credibility to the locations listed above, a possible press release was posted on Tumblr and spotted by a Reddit user this afternoon. The press release makes mention of the Industrial Revolution, which could very well tie in with Russia being the main location of the game. The Tumblr page has since been taken down, and if you know anything about rumors, when something gets taken down quickly like that it can easily add more fuel to the fire.

As with all rumors we report on here at OnlySP, take the information with a grain of salt. However, the tweets from the Initiates account are indeed real and more than likely a tease for what’s to come. So were certainly pondering over this as much as you will be/are.

So what do you think about these rumors? Russia could be quite an interesting place to have an Assassin’s Creed game.


  • dalton

    I was thinking Prague might be a possible next location with it being mentioned in AC4 with the girl and the alcamist father and all that sounded sounded pretty cool. Maybe all the “leaks” she just decoys

    • TheScootyMan

      That would be so epic.. I’ve read all of those notes from that girl

    • Galaxycruiser

      I agree I was thinking Prague as well. I think those same notes mentioned travel though so who knows maybe Russia will be involved as well.

  • Owl

    Sad to see they won’t be making an ancient Egypt version yet. Imagine the beautiful scenery. Its also unique.

    • Lila

      I’ve been wanting it to be set in ancient Egypt too. Would be amazing!

  • D-5

    That’s all speculation. Probably only something related to AC:initiates.

    The best settings in the race are still:



    England because other leakes turned up to be an early “accidental” leak of a press announcement talking very detailed about a character in Victorian England at the first Industrial Revolution with a character named Samuel Fey.

    Could be a fake of course, but it seems to come from similar sources and be similar to the AC4:Black Flag leak last year.

  • RobbyGuapo

    Whats Wrong With China, Or Feudal Japan? Like WTF Ubisoft. Do It….So Me And 309845679834569034 Other People Can Sleep At Night.

    • Owl

      How many games have taken place in a Japan setting with sword-play? No thanks. Give us Egypt. Something different. Something unexpected.

    • Just_the_guy_u_hate

      Why would I want to play in the Chinese era between 1800-now? They were at civil war, lost several wars, got conquered, lost their culture, caved on themselve, etc…. no thanks I want something different

      • Aveline

        Battousai the Manslayers begs to differ.

        • Just_the_guy_u_hate

          Yea…not Sword play has been down in the first few…change it up

    • John

      China and Japan are boring and only you are the only person which can’t sleep and everything is wrong with China and Japan.

  • Fear Monkey

    Babylon, Greece, and Victorian England please

  • Smurf’vi

    Problem with the Ancient Egypt setting that some people want is that it would be set before the Templar even existed.

    • Owl

      Ubi has already said they have a time-traveling mechanism in place to make the plot work. But thats irrelevant. Out of all the remaining potential locations, the Templars do have a history in Egypt, looking for religious relics. So even if they wanted to make it “real” then they could still set it in a different time period. You realize this game is fiction, right? 99% of the plot is pure fiction. Templars didn’t rush into countries like Russia, Japan, etc during moments when the governments were falling.

    • Adewale

      Before the Templars existed? Then they might as well make a First Civ game.

    • Dom

      Templars have been around since the time of Cain and Able the children of Adam and Eve

  • Nick McLean

    Escoblades will kill you if you mention any justified criticisms of anything to do with AC so u best be caaareful

  • Fango

    ahhh hell no. I don’t want an AC game in fcking Russia.

  • ErikG96

    Nicolai Orelov, Russian Assassin during the revolution – featured in the comic books “The Chain” and “The Fall” – (Assassin’s Creed V: Great Fall??)

    Later in his life Orelov moved to North America, with his son Inokenti.

    I sincerely hope this is it – a game featuring Orelov would be truly awesome.

  • Anton

    Ubisoft opens an office in Russia by the way.

  • Anton

    The last location in the text is the city of Protvino. It is the science city. Science city in Russia is the city which is built near some scientific research facility and where scientists live. For example there is small hadron collider in Protvino and a physics research institute.

  • Shubhendu Singh

    I want an indian Assassins Creed already..

    • Just_the_guy_u_hate

      How would that tie in with this story? Every game has built on itself. How would Indian one work? India itself cant get its history right and this game will cause massive rise in stupidity. What would it be on?
      -The Maratha empire- the empire the lost humiliatingly to the Durrani and british?
      -The Sikhs- hell most of there culture and history was destroyed in 1947
      -British in India .. yea we know they conquered.

  • AMRakov

    Looking forward to them doing a game in Russia (partially biased due to nationality :D), but I am curious of what period of time they will cover.

  • Thomas Connelly

    I guess I’m the only one that thinks one in space would be awesome.

    • Desmond Miles

      Assassin’s Creed V: Mass Effect.

  • Ahmed gamal

    there is many places that has great history but we want a new things in the game like assassin creed 4 black flag and the open world sea so there must be a new idea in the new assassin creed game

  • Frank Shang

    Would have loved an AC game in China…

    • John

      Russia would be much better

      • Frank Shang

        I don’t believe so. China’s history is in a way, rich and fascinating. Lots of assassinations have been attempted in ancient China. Plus, the scenery would have been exceptional. Russia just seems slightly dull to me…

        • TARQUINO

          I agree and as a chinese I believe placing the game in with the olden chinese architectures will make a great game.

        • John

          The Assassins have never been to China…. so FAIL. If the new Assassin’s Creed is going to be in China how are they supposed to move when theres lots of people there? The targets are going to spot you easily if they see you push towards them.

          • Fango

            assassins have never been to china? where did you pull that from? your ass? They are a global order. You seem to have this stong bias for russia for some reason and everything else is terrible.

          • wankaratok

            there are assassins in ezio in his own animated movie..forgot the title though…..

      • Fango

        I disagree. China has a lot more history and even mythology that would tie well with the first civilization back storey

        • John

          Nothing is going to be interesting if its in China, Russia were one of the countries to win against Germany and without them in the war Hitler would still rule this world so we should thank them by making a game in Russia and theres already an Assassin in Russia but its in a book so they should make a game about him.

          • Adam Frisk

            So…. Hitler much?

      • Fango

        lol no it wouldn’t. China, egypt, or even fcking Canada would be better.

  • John

    Russia is the perfect place to make the new Assassin’s Creed game at.

  • QuickTimeGamer90s .

    It’ll be in Europe … but not Russia ->

  • stranger


    Probably going to be another russophobic holiday :(

  • john

    it would be cool if they made an assassins creed based in the events leading up to the 1917 revolution of russia

    • Kenny

      no that would involve guns and to do that the creators of AC would have to completely get away from what made it great

  • Raxorz

    well, in my opinion why not in Indonesia? Java to be exact, it is full of the First Civilization’ish material

  • Guy

    Just as long as it’s not in Great Britain. Killing red coats has gotten old. I mean seriously, England could not be more generic.

  • John

    If you guys have noticed Nicolai Orelov, Russian Assassin during the revolution, is in a comic thats called ‘The Fall’ and maybe the game is called ‘Great Fall’ so the titles are the same but in the game it has ‘Great’ so they are related and if you are dumb enough to not see this and think it will be in other countries especially in China you must be dumb.

    • Kenny

      yeah that made no sense

    • Hat trick

      What about Spain? It could happen?

  • Kingdom17

    Japan please.

  • Nate

    If you think about it makes since. I was always wondering about the Assassin Nikolai Orelov. I know there were a couple of comics based on him but if we got a full on game that would be awesome.

  • Abdoo

    how about a cold war assassin’s creed?

    I think it would be epic. don’t know how will they adapt the guns and weapons though!

  • Alex 3108

    I was thinking why don’t they do ancient japan fighting for the samurai for freedom

  • Alex 3108

    Or ancient japan can be Americans vs samurai

  • Wintergreen5000

    I would rather have China right now than anything else. It would be fresh and epic. The clothes, fighting styles, weapons, architecture, all that. Couldn’t have a better setting for Assassin’s Creed V imo. And I think everyone’s been waiting for an AC game in the far east. Now would be the perfect time to mix up the way people see Assassin’s Creed and come out with something truly astounding in a grand setting.