23 Jul 2013

Stereotypes Vs. Story

  What is the difference between a stereotype and a story? This itself is a question that can very easily have a different answer for each person you ask. Some

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05 Jul 2013

A Wild Honedge has Appeared!

Game Freak, the developers of Pokemon X & Y, added another creature to its overflowing universe at Japan Expo in France on July the 4th. Known as Honedge, the creature

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28 Jun 2013

Virtue’s Last Reward: A Bug To Rule Them All

I tried to write this all down without spoilers….. and probably did a bad job. A while back I played 999 to get a firmer grip on a project and

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16 Jun 2013

User Centered Design And *Why* Sony Succeeded At E3

A while ago during an interview I was asked a rather simple question that doesn’t have a simple answer, ” Why do you smash?” which had a part two, “Why

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halo4 cover
12 Jun 2013

Halo Just Isn’t the Same Without Martin O’Donnell

Everyone knows of Halo, be you an Xbox player, a PlayStation fan, a PC gamer or a Nintendo enthusiast. Whether gamers like it or not, Halo is one of the

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Last of Us cover
06 Jun 2013

The Last of Us: A Special Game in the Decade of the Generic

Imagine standing, alone, amongst the concrete spires of a desolate metropolis. Jungle foliage is taking over, and vines creep up grey walls. Human abundance is gone- nothing but a distant

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04 Jun 2013

CastleStorm | Review

What happens when you mix the catapult style of Angry Birds and fast paced action as seen in tower defense games? You get CastleStorm a delightful arcade game from Zen

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Murdered-Soul-Suspect Cover
04 Jun 2013

Killer Details of Murdered: Soul Suspect Released

Originally announced on the brink of Sony’s PlayStation 4 press conference, Murdered: Soul Suspect by Square Enix appeared suddenly, then melded back into the shadows. Not much was known about the

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04 Jun 2013

Halo: Spartan Assault Revealed for Windows 8 PCs, Tablets and Phones

Halo, being a rapidly expanding gaming series, has explored using many different genres in its iconic universe. Halo Wars was an RTS, Peter Jackson’s cancelled project Halo: Chronicles was probably

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03 Jun 2013

The Last Guardian at E3 is “Purely Speculative”

The Last Guardian is a caring action-adventure game based around the companionship of a boy and his giant, feathered creature, Trico. By Team Ico, responsible for Ico and Shadow of

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