“29. So Far, So Familiar” – Fallout 3 | Crafting a Narrative

Read Part 28: “Pressing On“. I looked back. Sparks burst sporadically from the two deactivated robots, while Reed, Bork, and Tate slowly shrunk as they drew further away from me. Reed had been more than a companion to me, he’d been a teacher, giving me information and vital skills for survival. I didn’t begrudge his… Read more

“28. Pressing On” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 27: “Betrayal” here. Mere seconds passed before the ferals flooded into the bar. The robotic bartender immediately went on the attack, blasting flames and spinning its saw, but was quickly felled. A trio of Ghouls prowled towards me. I endured a caress from one as another lifted its face to mine and sniffed. It… Read more

“27. Betrayal” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 26: “Compromise” here. “When I saw you earlier, behind the building, what were you doing?” Dashwood seemed to freeze for a moment. Then, with a murmur—”God damn it,”—he spun in one smooth movement, snatching the revolver from the bed, and pressing its barrel against my forehead. “Closhe the door.” His voice was low,… Read more

“26. Compromise” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 25: “Tenpenny Tower” here. It’s surprising how quickly you can adapt to changing circumstances. That bedroom at Tenpenny Tower was the most comfortable I’d been in since leaving the Vault, but it was also my most disturbed sleep since the first night at Megaton. With its emulation of old-world opulence, it felt safe,… Read more

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Combat System Getting “Dramatic Changes”

“Dramatic changes” will be made to combat mechanics in the Final Fantasy VII remake, according to the game’s director, Tetsuya Nomura. Fans of the original title, no doubt, will be wary of this news, considering the widespread disdain for the revised ATB used throughout the Final Fantasy XIII sub-series, and the real-time battle system of… Read more

“25. Tenpenny Tower” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 24: “Trapped and Helpless” here. I opened my eyes and jerked upright instantly. Screams had woken me, and unfamiliarity had shocked me. Dimness. A dirt ceiling. The unpleasant smell of unwashed bodies mixing with the scents of strange foods. What was going on? Hadn’t I just been kissing Amata in the deserted kitchen?… Read more

“24. Trapped and Helpless” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 23: “The Best Little Town” here. A dim bulb flickered on. After tossing me into the cage and locking the door shut, Liam and Gloria had turned their backs on me. They now stood at a bench, talking in low voices. I had to fight down the urge to gag. The room was… Read more

“23. The Best Little Town” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 22: “Westward Bound” here. “You’ve handled babies before?” The ease with which Reed had soothed the child brought the question unbidden to my lips. “Reg’ly,” I couldn’t make out his features in the dark, but his voice carried a smile. “Dem a righ’ fine commod’ty, but ‘m loud. I have ‘m what ‘m… Read more