Another Dead Space 3 Infinite Item Glitch Found

EA must be kicking themselves in the heels, after introducing their microtransaction system, only to have it broken apart by experimental gamers. There’s a platter of glitches and exploits already circulating the web allowing gamers access to infinite resources, thereby making EA’s microtransactions pointless, but here at OnlySP, we believe we’ve found another one. The… Read more

Most Wanted Next-Gen: Mafia III

When Mafia released back in 2002 on PC, it set a benchmark for open world sandbox video games. Not in terms of gameplay, or entertainment value, but in storytelling. Mafia weaved a complex narrative over a decade, concluding with a scene that will be hailed as one of the most memorable in video gaming history…. Read more

Most Anticipated: The Walking Dead The Game – Season 2

The Walking Dead: The Game was one of my favourite games of last year. In fact, I’d be pushed to say it’s one of my favourite games of all time. Let’s get one thing straight however; I hate point-and-click adventure games. I didn’t enjoy Broken Sword, I didn’t enjoy Monkey Island, I didn’t even enjoy… Read more

Buy God of War: Ascension – Get The Last of Us Demo

God of War: Ascension, the seventh instalment in the series, releases on March 12th this year. What we didn’t know until now however, is that by landing yourself a copy of Sony’s action-adventure epic, entitles you to a free demo of Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated post-apocalyptic game, The Last of Us. This is a great… Read more

Crytek Tease Huge Crysis 3 Announcement – Top 5 Predictions

Crytek, the masterminds behind the Crysis franchise, and creators of one of the most powerful graphics engine ever witnessed, have taken to Twitter to tease a huge announcement, coming January 23rd: Crysis 3 is a first-person shooter, which is set to arrive on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 next month. With such a… Read more

Most Anticipated: Beyond: Two Souls

Today marks the second analysis of my three most anticipated games of 2013. Last week, I gave my reasons for why Dead Space 3 should be on everybody’s wish list, so if you aren’t yet convinced by Visceral Games survival horror, make sure you go and check it out. In a remarkable turn of genres,… Read more

Updated: Star Wars 1313 Still Not Confirmed for 2013

  UPDATE: SONY PLAYSTATION DE HAVE REMOVED FACEBOOK POST : Well, that didn’t take long. Sony Playstation DE have immediately backtracked on their initial posting, and issued a response stating that they hoped it would release for ‘any of the Playstation Platforms in the near future.’ Unless this means Star Wars 1313 is coming out… Read more

Most Anticipated: Dead Space 3

This month, Only Single Player will be giving you a daily feature, whereby each writer will explain one of their three games chosen as most anticipated for 2013. Kicking off today, on the 15th, and concluding on the 31st, OnlySP will cover a wide range of genres and titles, including everything from console exclusives right… Read more

Video Game Addiction: A Modern Pandemic?

Whenever video games and addiction are discussed in the same sentence, images of sweaty acne-ridden teenagers hunkered over cluttered desks shrouded in darkness come to mind. However, it may be that the problem runs far deeper, and across a far greater audience then previously thought. In fact, some of us may be addicted ourselves, without… Read more

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – ‘Over 90 Ways To Kill An Enemy’

Like Hitman: Absolution, early gameplay trailers for Splinter Cell: Blacklist had some fans thinking that Sam Fisher’s stealth roots had been abandoned in favour of a more action-orientated approach. With the release of Absolution proving to fans that the hardcore covertness experience was still there, it’s now up to Ubisoft to convince players that subterfuge… Read more