The Awakened Fate Ultimatum Review

[su_highlight background=”#3b88ff” color=”#ffffff”]Platforms: PS3 | Developer: NIS | Publisher: NIS America | ESRB: T[/su_highlight] The Awakened Fate Ultimatum is a very straightforward old school action jrpg/visual novel. Though it doesn’t bring in great new blood to the sub-genre it does execute its purpose well. As Kamikaze you begin with a similar anime trope in which… Read more

Three Games the Single Players Should Look Out For in March

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. This month we submit for your consideration another fine selection of 3 games with admirable single player campaigns. Come right in. It’s this way… Bloodborne (March 24th, Playstation 4) The top spot has to go to Bloodborne, the highly anticipated PS4 exclusive from From Software…. Read more