The “Swatting” is Real on TwitchTV is one of the most popular live streaming gaming sites on the internet, and if you are an avid “twitcher” like me, then you may want to read this before you decide to stream again. Over the past few weeks, there have been reports of streamers being swatted while broadcasting. If you don’t know what being… Read more

Xbox One Partners Up with Unity for Indie Support

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft struck a deal with Unity, allowing ID@Xbox developers to publish their games on the Xbox One back in November 2013. As of right now Unity 4.3 is being used, however optimizations are being made until the release of Unity 5.0; skipping over version 4.5. With that being said, there are… Read more

Mind: Path to Thalamus Review

“How many times will you kill her?” In Mind: Path to Thalamus, you will keep asking yourself that very question as you attempt to solve the puzzles that stand in-between you and a chance of forgiveness, and even consciousness. If you haven’t kept up with the news, we covered the synopsis back in May. You… Read more

Prepare to Adapt, Prepare to Survive – Solus Update

Imagine yourself alone stuck on a mysterious, uninhabited alien planet after your spaceship crashes; killing your team and destroying any and all equipment you had. How scared would you be? Would you be able to adapt and survive? This, my friends is Solus. Created by Teotl Studios, developer of The Ball back in 2010, they… Read more