You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Why Online Petitions Are A Joke

[dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]nce an ancient Chinese method that allowed emperors to hear the plights of his/her people, now a method to convince Rockstar Games to bring Red Dead Redemption to PC, the petition has gone through some mighty changes as the methods of communication have evolved. It seems that once a petition for something game related… Read more

The Next Gen Difference: Dragon Age: Origins, 2 and Inquisition Compared

We here at OnlySP are incredibly excited for the upcoming onslaught of games coming this October. A lot of those games include sequels that are bridging the gap from PS3/Xbox 360 to PS4/Xbox One. So, we decided that we would take a look at the difference certain details between those games, from the last generation… Read more

Top 5 Controversies of 2014… So Far

While 2014 has brought forth some great games and tantalising information about future releases, it has already had its fair share of controversial headlines. From graphic downgrades, female troubles at Ubisoft and the usual load of bull, here’s the top 5 controversies of 2014.. so far (because we just know there’s going to be a… Read more

It’s time for another Gaming Memories. This week, I decided to focus on Spider-Man 2, a movie tie-in game that was actually not terrible at all and had some amazing web swinging mechanics. As well is being my first Gaming Memories video, this is also my very first YouTube video ever, so be sure to… Read more

Why The Order: 1886’s Gameplay Won’t Slow It Down

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f there’s one game that’s completely perplexing gamers, it’s The Order: 1886. With an incredibly compelling backdrop of an alternate history of London, mixed with practically seamless transitions from cutscene to gameplay, The Order: 1886 was definitely a “next-gen” game from the very beginning. But as more information and media trickled through Sony and… Read more

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