27 Jul 2014

Unrest Review

A lot of games today, especially RPGs, present you with a series of moral choices that will have an effect on the outcome of the story. To me, this is

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24 Jul 2014

On Reviews and Review Scores: Do Different Opinions Warrant Insults?

[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hat is the purpose of a product review? A review is a summary that highlights what is good and bad about a product to help make a decision on

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15 Jul 2014

Divinity: Original Sin Review

Are you sick of games holding your hand as they walk you through a completely linear experience? Are you tired of being told how to jump or move the camera

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11 Jul 2014

Divinity: Original Sin Impressions and Gameplay

Randy gives you his “first impressions” of a game he has put dozens of hours into. Divinity: Original Sin Gather your party and get ready for a new, back-to-the-roots RPG

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01 Jul 2014

Shovel Knight Review

If you were to tell me that in 2014 there would be an NES game that meets the quality standards set by classics such as Mega Man 2, DuckTales, and

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30 Jun 2014

Take A Shot at Hitler’s Nuts in This Sniper Elite 3 Video to Brighten Up Your Monday

Let’s be honest, Monday is usually a slog so we decided to help make it a little easier by sharing a few funny videos to lighten your mood. Sniper Elite

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29 Jun 2014

Sniper Elite III Review

Is it weird to feel nostalgic for a video game setting? That’s what happened to me when I loaded up Rebellion’s Sniper Elite III and I was greeted to Thompson

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26 Jun 2014

The Forest Early Access Review

It seems like every time I look at the front page of Steam I see a new survival game that’s in Early Access. Very few have gathered as much buzz

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24 Jun 2014

GRID Autosport Review

There are few people on this earth who are less qualified to review a simulation racing game than I am. Sure, I played the odd Gran Turismo here and there

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09 Jun 2014

Ether One Review

Remember when the stories in video games almost universally sucked? We used to have to suffer through stories that barely deviated from templates such as “amnesiac chosen one saves the

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