Unreal Engine 4 Open World Dinosaur Survival Game, Ark: Survival Evolved, Will Feature An Offline Mode

Ark: Survival Evolved, a brand new title that features humans surviving against the throes of nature, dinosaurs, and humans will feature an offline mode for players who wish to experience the world alone. The game will be releasing on Steam early-access on June 2nd, with an official release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in 2016…. Read more

Black Mesa Fan Remake Available on Steam Early-Access

The long awaited fan remake of Half-Life known as Black Mesa has arrived on Steam early-access, after a website began a cryptic countdown. Part one launched back in 2012, while the new version is available for $19.99, with no additional chapters beyond the Lambda Core. However, multiplayer deathmatch with six, “completely re-imagined Half-Life 1 maps”… Read more