Best Single Player Only Game Of The Generation?


Honestly I can’t say enough nice things about developers and publishers who aren’t intimidated by the current trend to attach online multiplayer to every single game that it can be shoehorned into.

It has been very reassuring as a single player gamer to look forward and still see creative types putting the focus where I, and obviously a lot of our readership, would prefer it to be. Eidos Montreal recently did this very thing when they talked to Eurogamer about the new Thief “…our main goal with this team is to give you the best single-player experience, just to bring back this franchise, to convince you we’re part of the future and not something holding onto the past. It’s really demanding, so I don’t want to see my team wasting any energy… I want to see them focusing on that.”

It’s not that multiplayer isn’t a fun addition to certain games, or is the best part of others, but there are some that just don’t need it and I can’t think of many examples where the next game in a franchise got better or even stayed as good as it was once multiplayer was added, with the possible exception of Uncharted 2.


Bethesda recently stood up for Machine Games and their multiplayer-less Wolfenstein: The New Order: “We talked to Machine Games about the game they wanted to make and multiplayer wasn’t in their thought-process. We’re not going to force it down their throats…” Well that’s just awesome if you ask me. You know what else is awesome? A lot of the games that came out this generation that didn’t bend a knee to the new trend. Enough looking forward though, let’s take a look back. We’d like to know what your favorite single player only game was this generation.

Maybe it’s an easy call, maybe Bethesda is the one that already had you with one of their massive RPGs like Skyrim, Oblivion, or Fallout 3. They certainly didn’t have a problem with Arkane keeping things intimate with the surprise hit Dishonored. I have to say that game is definitely high on my list.


Perhaps you’re an exclusives nut instead. There was certainly no need for multiplayer in Heavy Rain. Playstation fans will note that God of War III reviewed a good deal better than the multiplayer-heavy God of War: Ascension. We can’t forget that before American Nightmare Alan Wake pulled in some solid reviews all by its lonesome.

L.A. Noire is on my list as well as DmC and a few JRPGs of course. As I scan my freinds list online I see a lot of people playing surefire Game of the Year contender The Last of Us, but let’s not forget that the other main contender, Bioshock Infinite didn’t need any multiplayer to secure its spot as a premiere elite gaming experience.

I’m sure I missed plenty of solid titles above so what do you think was the best single player only game this generation?


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