Bethesda Website Lists Xbox One and PS4 Version of Skyrim on Game Page (Updated)

UPDATE: Looks like the listing was just a “bug” in Bethesda’s website software. You can read the Tweet from Pete Hine below. The email was also faked. Sad day.



Could Skyrim be making its way to next-gen systems?

An email sent out earlier today may indicate Bethesda will be announcing this on the 12th of January. Along with the email, the Bethesda website lists Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game on its product listing.  One thing of note with the product listing is that the versions of the game that have already been released, such as the Xbox 360 version are highlighted with a link, while the next-gen versions are not, yet.

It seems odd that Bethesda would be updating the game for next-gen consoles due to its age, but I suppose it’s not out of the question as Tomb Raider is doing the same thing.

You can see the email along with the product listing just below. Click on the images to expand them.

We’ll reach out to Bethesda for a comment on the listing and update this story if we receive anything. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for instant updates as we learn more.

Redditors are confirming they got the email so this seems pretty legit.

Website Listing

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Oh dear god please let this be real omg please..

    • YP

      they should re-release FO3 and FO:NV, those games are pretty much broken

      • Yoh

        They’re definitely not broken: I’ve played hours of each of them in the past couple of weeks with only one crash on each game (on PC). I agree though, a FO re-release would be epic. Even better, Fallout 4!

  • Nick Calandra

    So, people viewing this, are you going to double dip if this is true?

    • Randall Johnson

      I would double dip, but I don’t see it listed on their site anymore.

      • Nick Calandra

        Weird, I just checked again and it’s still there.

        • Randall Johnson

          I see it now. Standard edition, not Legendary. I was dumb.

      • Necro

        Its still listed. I just seen it, its the standard version though. You have to view it via the Bethesda website. The Skyrim site doesnt say it.

        • Randall Johnson

          Of course! I was looking at the Legendary Edition.

  • Necro

    I would buy this again. If it was true HD and preformed better, yes i would buy it again. And i though the pics were fake, so i went to Bethesdas website. While it doesnt say it for the Legendary Edition, it does clear as day, say it for the standard edition, yet no other game does, so how could it be a mistake, it seems very deliberate. On the other hand, why would they release the standard version and not the Legendary Edition. I do think its a mistake. Interesting, Thast a 2 years old year. Strange.

  • godlike01

    all they need to do is add a huge expansion pack.. boost its graphics to real HD..and pow id buy it..but the expansion pack would need to be pretty decent

  • comediac

    looking at the font on that email it seems more like a Fallout thing, maybe officially announcing Fallout 4?

  • Solid Snake

    I want and Uncharted 1080p trilogy collection for PS4!

  • 1Truth

    God damn!

    Day 1 buy for my PS4! I don’t give a fuck if I’ve already put 200 hours into my PS3 version.

  • Invicta

    Someone curating Bethesda website made mistake by adding PS4 and XboX One to Skyrim instead of ES Online i believe. It is not listed as PS4 ans XB1 anymore.

    • Nick Calandra

      Make sure you check the Standard Edition, not the Legendary Edition. It’s still there.

  • Jason Mounce
  • Jose David Yacaman

    plesase. I will re buy. Please release. So much more can be done on the newer consoles. please. please. please

  • Randall Johnson

    “A bug caused platforms that don’t exist to show up for some games.” No, just Skyrim’s regular edition. I checked all of the games and none of them changed but that one.

  • Turbomite

    How do you make errors like that. lol

    • ghirahimhunter

      Yeah, same thing as what I’m wondering. Still seems a bit fishy.

  • magx01 .

    Not sure if I believe them….

  • Bill

    Can I use a picture from this page in a video I am making?