E3 2014

Bloodborne and InFamous: First Light Release Dates Leaked?


The PlayStation Store has leaked the release dates of two games announced at its E3 conference: Bloodborne and InFamous: First Light.

According to the Store, Bloodborne will release on March 31, 2015, and it will be available for pre-load on March 26. I do not suspect this to be a placeholder date because in the past, Sony has not put placeholder dates on its games in the Store, and instead just puts “Coming Soon”. The fact that there is a specific date, and that the date is a Tuesday, shows that this is probably a true release date. But, for now, this is dubbed a rumor.

bloodborne cropped

InFamous: First Light, the standalone DLC for InFamous: Second Son, will release on August 26, 2014, and it will be available for pre-load on August 21.

infamous first light release

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