‘Elders Play The Last Of Us’ is a Really Interesting Watch

It’s no wonder TheFineBros ‘React’ series has taken off – we love hearing other people’s opinions on things. That’s why social media is so huge and why the entire journalism industry exists, in a nutshell. What’s so refreshing about this series is that these people aren’t paid critics or savvy social media types, meticulously tweaking every… Read more

Reflections of You

Gaming enthusiasts by now should be familiar with the nagging tones and sidelong glances that spring up when you reveal yourself as an avid gamer. There’s an unspoken understanding that indulging for hours in books, TV, and film is an acceptable pastime, whereas gaming is not. Others readily recognize that books can accrue benefits to the reader, by expanding… Read more

Grand Theft Auto V | The Lawless Perspective

For the uninitiated, The Lawless Perspective is an infrequent series of articles dealing with selected games. It is not designed as a review, or a second opinion, but as an analysis of the literary aspects of the game in question and, as such, the articles often delve deeply into spoiler territory. Consider yourself warned. This… Read more

Why Square Enix Is Set For A Comeback This Generation

Over the past generation, it has been hard to be a Square Enix fan. With three installments in the controversial Final Fantasy XIII series that seemed very little asked for, the tease of a potential HD remake of Final Fantasy VII, no true Kingdom Hearts sequel, the very late Final Fantasy XV (once called Final… Read more

Impressions From The EB Expo – Part Five

The fifth and final. We’ve delivered our verdict of many of the games present at EB Expo 2013 over this past week, with yesterday giving an idea of the action-centric titles. What that effectively leaves us with are the leftovers; those games that didn’t have enough contemporaries present to bundle them into a group of… Read more

Impressions From The EB Expo – Part Four

In yesterday’s EB Expo preview round-up, I mentioned that we had some difficulty in deciding what to celebrate under the banner of adventure games and what is better suited to a classification of action. If you weren’t happy, it’s a mighty good thing that you didn’t have to wait for long. This particular genre was… Read more

Impressions From The EB Games Expo – Part Three

We’re halfway through our belated coverage of the EB Expo, with Lachlan yesterday delivering his verdict on the shooters of the show. Thankfully for me, I might add as the genre generally doesn’t get me giddy. I thoroughly enjoyed ploughing through the adventure games on offer, however, though it must be mentioned that the line… Read more

Impressions From The EB Games Expo – Part Two

Yesterday Damien went through the upcoming racing games he got to play at EB Expo, like the racing champ he is. Luckily for me, that meant I didn’t have to embarrass myself by showing my overwhelming racer mediocrity. And it also meant I could focus on my niche – the shooters. That’s right, folks, I’m… Read more