01 Mar 2013

Dead Space: Martyr | Book Review

It’s all too easy to be skeptical when approaching novels based on popular video game series’. There’s good reason to believe that most of them will be lazily plotted and written

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20 Aug 2012

Assassin’s Creed: The Fall Series

Yeah, it’s a comic. What’s your problem? Graphic novels are books too, y’know, just in picture form (and in my opinion a lot less cluttered). All joking aside, the critically-acclaimed

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18 Jul 2012

Assassin’s Creed: Forsaken Novel Announced

A new tie-in novel to Assassin’s Creed III has just been announced today. Set to release on December 4th for $9.99 and written by Oliver Bowden, Forsaken will essentially tell

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11 Jul 2012

Tor Reveals Third Entry in the Forerunner Saga, Silentium

As I trudge along in getting these first two books of the Forerunner Saga read and reviewed, Tor Publications has announced the third book in the series, Silentium. No ther

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22 Jun 2012

Update: Book Reviews

So I know some of you have been waiting for these reviews for quite some time. I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten them done yet, obviously finding time to read

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26 May 2012

Coming to OnlySP – Book Reviews

Right away I can tell EXACTLY what you’re thinking. “This is a video game website, not a book review site!” While that IS true, there are plenty of gamers out

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