01 Mar 2015

Three Games the Single Players Should Look Out For in March

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. This month we submit for your consideration another fine selection of 3 games with admirable single player campaigns. Come right

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27 Feb 2015

“13. Museum Tour” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 12: “Disguised For Diplomacy” here The door to the Museum of Technology opened with a rusty creak. I was already on edge, and that long, drawn-out squeak set

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26 Feb 2015

Will Bloodborne Be Smeared Like The Order: 1886?

After the dust settles some of the cooler heads are prevailing to prove “major” sources like IGN jumped the gun on subjective reviews for The Order: 1886. So the single

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20 Feb 2015

“12. Disguised For Diplomacy” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 11: ” A Walking Slaughterhouse” here. The room was littered with bodies; humans and Ghouls all mixed up together in some great soup of corpses. Both sides in

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18 Feb 2015

The Order: 1886 Length Is The Wrong Argument

The discussion surrounding The Order: 1886 is the wrong one. Of course a site dedicated to single player games and the gamers who love them would defend a title that

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13 Feb 2015

Review Scores Are Outdated, It’s Time To Evolve

Discussions and arguments surrounding reviews are somewhere up there in the top five gamer grievances, at least for those of us who participate in the online gaming community. The most

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13 Feb 2015

“11. A Walking Slaughterhouse” – Fallout 3 | Crafting A Narrative Experience

Read Part 10: “Galaxy News Radio” here. With one hand resting on the door handle, I looked back up the tumbled incline to where GNR rose high into the sky

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11 Feb 2015

Does The Digital Gaming Age Have You Spending More Money?

Video game networks are much more up to date on their customer influencing strategies these days. As such we are blasted with games, expansions, short term sales, and intriguing new

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11 Feb 2015

Using the Season Pass to Fight Used Games

Over the last few years you have probably noticed the increase in the number of games offering season passes. While DLC started as a trend during the last generation of

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05 Feb 2015

“10. Galaxy News Radio” – Fallout 3 | Crafting a Narrative Experience

Read Part 9: “Lyons’ Pride” here. The Behemoth dead and the battle won, Lyons plodded across to the entrance to the Galaxy News building, the rest of the squad trailing

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