16 Aug 2014

I’ll Just Ask: Will Xbox One Exclusivity Hurt Tomb Raider Sales?

Fair enough question right? I have no partisan reason to raise this rant but I will not hesitate to tell you what I think about it. Might as well start

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08 Aug 2014

Sorry Fellow Fans, Final Fantasy X-3 Would Be A Good Thing

Yes I’m afraid there will be spoilers here but I will make them as light  as possible just because I despise the concept. However, there are important story concerns to

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04 Aug 2014

Digital Curves vs. Realistic Females Unraveled

There is a peculiar disagreement going on at the moment within the gaming industry as it strives to grow up and embrace the semi-respectable sphere of grown up entertainment. I

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18 Jul 2014

Could Destiny Make You A Multiplayer Gamer?

If you hadn’t noticed yet we like to focus on single player experiences, but of course that doesn’t mean we don’t cover games with multiplayer. Destiny is sort of a

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11 Jul 2014

How Might PS4 Dominance Change The Industry?

When the generation changed over there was no immediate reason to believe that any sort of major changes in console hierarchy would take place outside of Nintendo’s impossible mission to

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04 Jul 2014

How To Innovate In The Modern First Person Shooter

I admit FPS isn’t my favorite genre but I do love the good ones, and sometimes I play the mediocre ones when they it sounds like they are trying something

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27 Jun 2014

1080p/60fps: We’re Letting Resolution And Frame Rate Become Marketing Tools

It is the most common headline of the times: a list of graphical performance on each new game for the new consoles. Lately PS4 is dominating the performance of multiplats,

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06 Jun 2014

Can Square-Enix Turn It Around This Generation?

Square Enix has declined to bring Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III to E3 this year. That isn’t a huge surprise since there is little evidence that either of

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17 May 2014

How Second Son Really Hurt The inFamous Franchise

Having just finished inFamous: Second Son (finally), I can’t help but feel underwhelmed. I’m not as underwhelmed as I was the first day I played it because things do pick

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11 Apr 2014

Lightning Returns: A Hater’s Honest Opinion

To be clear I’m not actually a hater, well not completely. It’s complicated. I always intended to buy Lightning Returns to see how this whole crazy thing ends and because

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