Only Speaking Professionally | Teasing Players

Okay this is a bit of a throwback so bear with me, but hindsight helps in these things. Two months ago there was a little free to play thing released over PSN for PS4. You might have heard of it – it was called P.T. P.T. was the interactive playable teaser. It was made by… Read more

Only Speaking Professionally | Trapped in an Elevator

This weekend, me and six other assorted Australian games critics were trapped in an elevator. We were attending a gaming event hosted by LG. The purpose was to check out their upcoming range of 4k and OLED screens via a handful of Xbox Ones and Bandai Namco/Square Enix games. For this event LG rented out… Read more

Only Speaking Professionally | On Line

If you’ve been following my twitter feed (and let’s face it hahaha why wouldn’t you?) you would probably know that for the last six weeks or so I have pretty much been without functional internet. I was hoping that by the time I returned from my copious travels that the telecommunications companies would have sorted… Read more

Only Speaking Profess… Err, Oops, Again

Errrr, whoops. Basically I miscounted stuff and apparently I am still in China! So no Only Speaking Professionally this week again either. Between dodging earthquakes, dengue mosquitoes, blisters, having no computer, more dengue mosquitoes, oppressive censorship, firewalls, human faeces, chefs with horrible hygiene practices, and now violent protests(?!) I’ve been a little slammed. So sorry…. Read more

Only Speaking Professionally | Everything Is Awesome

Video games are awesome. Everything is awesome. Things are just great. Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. We’re at a time where video game creators are taking home more money than at any other point in the history of humankind. Big studios create and sell gigantic blockbusters that capture the entire world’s imagination. Publishers… Read more

Only Speaking Professionally | Hardline For Timing

I promise this will only be brief, since I don’t want to exploit tragedy. This week, during Gamescom, some new footage of Battlefield Hardline was released. It’s trailer footage, single player, and there was a lot of buzz around it. Battlefield Hardline is a game that puts you in the shoes of law enforcement officers,… Read more