Tacoma Isn’t Just Another “Gone Home”, It’s Bigger, Narratively Complex and More Interactive

Gaynor’s games have a reputation for their narrative-rich worlds, full of environmental storytelling with intriguing tales behind almost every object. Before striking out into independent development, Gaynor worked on projects with a similar emphasis on story, including the Bioshock series. “My first job in the games industry was as a tester at Sony,” he says.... Read more

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’s Adrian Chmielarz on the State of Gaming and Games Journalism

I was anxious to meet Adrian Chmielarz. The Bulletstorm and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter developer has a reputation for controversial and outspoken opinions, but when his profile popped up on Skype, I received not the brusque introduction that I’d been expecting, but a cheery hello, complete with a smiley face emoticon. It’s easy to... Read more

Consortium: The Tower Prophecy – A True to Form Ambitious Sci-Fi RPG You Should Have on Your Radar

Following up on the Kickstarter-backed success of the original, The Tower Prophecy is a sequel to 2014, narrative-exploration-adventure, Consortium. The next in the series aims to ramp up every aspect of the experience, placing players in the futuristic mega-boots of Bishop Six, a high-ranking Consortium enforcer, as they try to foil terrorists’ plan in central... Read more

Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller on The State of the Games Industry and Games Journalism

Crowdfunding can be used for so many things. From retro reboots to multi-million dollar movies, Kickstarter, Patreon and the like give board game fans new dice to roll, singer-songwriters the chance to record their tunes, and me an awesome new magnetic belt that I can’t wait to play with. Whenever I’ve spoken to developers about crowdfunding, they... Read more

Alien: Isolation Postmortem – Return to Sevastopol Station

Alien: Isolation is a celebrated first-person, stealth, horror experience developed by Creative Assembly and Published by Sega in October of 2014. The game takes place aboard the hauntingly beautiful Sevastopol Station, picking up the franchise’s plot from 15 years after the disappearance of Nostromo. A team, sent by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, has been dispatched to... Read more

Exploring the Alien Worlds of Cyan, Inc’s ‘Obduction’, The Spiritual Successor to Myst

Enjoy Our Content?Please think about supporting us via Patreon if you enjoy our content so we can continue to improve our work and compensate our staff! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=745258&ty=h Rand Miller has been there since the beginning. Cyan, Inc.’s co-founder and CEO has seen the studio wax and wane since the 90s, but he’s never forgotten why... Read more

Chronos Will Allow You to Experience Third Person RPGs in a Whole New Way with Virtual Reality

In the last part, we met David Adams and Gunfire Games. Now it’s time for more on their latest project, Chronos. [alert style=”grey”]Enjoy our work? Consider supporting OnlySP through our new Patreon page. Every dollar pledged helps![/alert] LIFE’S WORK Developed primarily for VR, Chronos is all about twisting RPG tropes to take advantage of the… Read more

Meet the Developer Behind the Upcoming VR Third-Person Action RPG ‘Chronos’, Gunfire Games

Built from the core team that made Darksiders and Darksiders 2, Texas-based Gunfire Games are taking a shot at going it alone in the world of indie development. Their latest project, Chronos, is a VR action-adventure set over the course of a lifetime, following one man’s lonely mission to rid the world of a dark… Read more

Meet the Developers Behind the Retro-styled Sci-fi RTS, XO, Which Hits Kickstarter Today

This week our OnlySP feature interview focusses on Jumpdrive Studios’ starship strategy XO, which hits Kickstarter today. Meet Brian Jamison, Jumpdrive founder, designer and art director on XO, as he discusses the retro-styled sci-fi adventure in more detail. [alert style=”grey”]Enjoy our stuff? Consider supporting OnlySP through our new Patreon page.[/alert] BACK TO THE FUTURE[divider type=”thin”]… Read more

Ashen is Shaping Up to be a Much Darker, and More Ambitious “Journey” on Xbox One and PC

Yesterday we met Derek Bradley and Aurora44, the New Zealand-based indie team working on Ashen, a Microsoft-exclusive post-apocalyptic ARPG set in a dark landscape lit by volcanic eruptions. Now, we’ll uncover more of what makes Ashen unique – from its stylised visuals, to its large shared world. Enjoy our stuff? Consider supporting OnlySP through our… Read more