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Cadence – A Music Puzzle With Built-in Synthesisers|Interview

Cadence, the first game from South African indie studio Made With Monster Love, is one part puzzle, and one part music generator. Coming from two person team Peter Cardwell-Gardner and Rodain Joubert, Cadence challenges players to create loops between connected nodes, each playing a musical note using the myriad of pre-set sounds programmed into the

Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire — Sci-Fi Mixes With Medieval Fantasy in This New Story-Driven Adventure

“When the Astral Empire disintegrated into civil war, thousands of worlds were cut off from one another. One such world, Ma’abtik, fell into a medieval dark age. A thousand years later, rumours that the long dormant empire is stirring are confirmed as an army wielding devastating weapons from the ancient past marches across Ma’abtik. Tahira,