01 Sep 2014

Prepare for Destiny With a Sample from the Soundtrack

Destiny releases next Tuesday and as you can tell, we’re pretty excited about it. Unsurprisingly, one of my main reasons for being excited for Destiny is just to get another

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06 Jun 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “The Soundtrack to My Life [Main Menu Theme]” (Max Payne 3)

I don’t quite understand why people dislike Max Payne 3. The internal monologue is nihilistic almost to a fault, but the lines are delivered well, and with just enough panache to

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05 Jun 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “Ravaged World” (Destiny)

Whether you enjoy the Halo games, appreciate them from afar, or despise Bungie’s wildly successful first person shooter franchise, you have to admit one thing: it’s got some fantastic music. Apparently, this

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04 Jun 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “In Case of Trouble” (Bastion)

Much like the FTL soundtrack, the Bastion soundtrack is catchy, unique, and filled to the brim with incredible tracks. It’s unquestionably my favorite album of all time, and I’m sure

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02 Jun 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “Law of the Jungle” (Destiny)

If you didn’t know, the mastermind behind the music of Halo, Martin O’Donnell, is back for Bungie’s next project, Destiny. O’Donnell is my favorite composer in the video game industry

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28 May 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “To Zanarkand” (Final Fantasy X)

One of these days, somebody’s going to have to sit me down and explain the appeal of Final Fantasy X to me. It seems that for every positive aspect, there’s a

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27 May 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “Balance Slays the Demon” (Alan Wake’s American Nightmare)

No, this isn’t Christian rock. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is basically Alan Wake 1.5 in all but name. It tells a fairly self-contained tale, but it takes place in an alternate dimension

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25 May 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “Space Cruise (Title)” (FTL)

If you didn’t immediately take a shine to Ben Prunty’s soundtrack for 2012’s space sim indie darling FTL: Faster Than Light upon opening the game for the first time, then

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22 May 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “Trailer Theme” (Call of Duty: Ghosts)

One of the first things I noticed in the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts yesterday was the music behind the action. It’s a slow and somber piece that

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20 May 2013

Soundtrack Spotlight – “Time to Make History” (Persona 4 Golden)

Despite belonging to a niche franchise and being released unprecedentedly late on the PlayStation 2, Atlus’ crowning achievement Persona 4 was a great success both critically and commercially. In 2012,

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