The Evil Within Review

Calling The Evil Within the best survival-horror game I've played in years is no exaggeration. It's been too long since I played a game that stuck to the traditional roots of the older classics, while...

Alien: Isolation Review

The franchise of Alien has been through a rocky video games history. While some titles such as the original Alien Vs. Predator games on PC were grand, recent titles have been unable to catch that same spark...

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

It’s been a long, long time since there was a game set in the Lord of the Rings universe that I thoroughly enjoyed. I did quite enjoy The Two Towers, Return of the King and The Third Age back in the day, and...

Natural Doctrine Review

Strategy. There are many ways to do it and Natural Doctrine has found a pretty darn good one. Unfortunately it is sorely lacking in follow-through. This game grabbed my attention pretty quickly once I...

NHL 15 Review

Sports games are a really fickle beast to review sometimes. Some years there’s little to no change to the game aside from a few new modes, little graphic tweaks here and there, and maybe some new lines of...

Destiny Review

The wait is finally over. Bungie's highly anticipated game, Destiny, has been available for almost one full week. The game reportedly pulled in $500 million on it's first day available, and I myself have spent...

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Review

Greetings Hope's Peak Academy hopefuls, welcome to another round of Danganronpa. I had the pleasure of reviewing the last iteration to come to Vita; it was certainly a unique experience. I truly wish I...

Madden 15 Review

Ah the Fall. It’s the best time of year for video games as new releases are made available just about every week. But, with the Fall comes sports and with sports comes the latest iterations of the Madden,...

So Many Me Review

The best thing about So Many Me is its raw charm. It's just a fun game to play. Like a puppy, the game is just delightful in everything it does. You struggle to find at least one thing that's not sickeningly...