Grey Goo Review

Petroglyph Games, a Las Vegas based publisher and developer, was founded by remnants of famous developed Westwood Studios. Westwood was known for a slew of adventure, RPG and other games/series: Eye of the...

Urja Review

I always wondered what it would be like to play battle Royal and Chess at the same time...Not really, but now I never have to, thanks to Urja. Despite how seemingly simple this FPS 'puzzle' is, it is pretty...

Citizens of Earth Review

Vice president of the world and his mother stills fights his battles for him? There’s no way he could possibly be the hero… unless he’s a politician. Citizens of Earth is a makeshift way to teach a ten...
Resident Evil HD Remaster Review

Resident Evil HD Remaster Review

As the Resident Evil franchise approaches its (almost) 20th year of existence it has seen six numbered entries, approximately 10 “core” titles and far more than double that in spin-offs, ports and mobile...

Dead Effect Review

Outer space, zombies, and a lone survivor? We’ve been here before… or have we? Dead Effect, developed and produced by Badfly Interactive, is another first-person sci-fi horror game packed with an above...

Alphadia Genesis Review

Having been raised on JRPGs, I was looking forward to a new one coming to Steam. Alphadia Genesis was a title I only barely heard tossed around as an app for Android, so I was hoping this game was something...

Warhammer Quest Review

If you’ve ever wanted to play Oregon Trail without your entire party dying from dysentery, Warhammer Quest is the game for you. Even more, you get to slay an assortment of monsters and watch their blood...

Elegy for a Dead World Review

Writing an interesting and engaging story is hard; Writing an interesting and engaging story for a video game is even harder; Add that the video game in question has multiple endings, and now you've gotta...
Never Alone Background

Never Alone Review

I'm a sucker for historical and period pieces. They provide us with insights into lives beyond our own and showcase rich style and designs not often seen in the mainstream. Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa in...

Cargo 3 Review

The sci-fi horror genre is a tough racket to break into. Ever since Doom and Half-Life, most gamers have their expectations set unreasonably high. However, on occasion, a great game comes out that leaves...