Dragon Age: Inquisition Ending Count Clarified, Nevarra and Free Marches Not a Playable Space

Last week we reported on some new Dragon Age: Inquisition details revealed in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. However, there were a few pieces of information in there that weren’t totally correct and Mike Laidlaw, the Creative Director on Dragon Age: Inquisition has clarified some things via his Twitter account.

On the subject of the number of endings in the game, which was reported as 40 total, Laidlaw clarified that there are, “hundreds of minor variants, 40 major variants, and a few completely different ends.” So while OXM wasn’t completely wrong in reporting that there were 40 endings in the game, there’s really only a “few” completely different endings.


The magazine also reported that the Free Marches and Nevarra would be playable game spaces in the full game, but this is not the case according to Laidlaw.


There’s still a lot to be shown of Dragon Age: Inquisition. A new area was teased yesterday, with more info coming later next week, so be sure to check back in to OnlySP for those new details. As for the information above, there’s still a bunch of correct information from the OXM magazine article which we reported on here.

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  • Nespithe

    Oh well, the game itself still looks like a lot of fun and is beautiful, which is a surprise for Dragon Age as the previous 2 games were hideous. Hopefully the voice acting will be better than the previous 2 and the animations not so stiff.

    • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

      I think dragon age 2 had some of the best voice acting in an rpg yet.

  • Daniel

    Kinda feel disappointed with Nevarra and the Free Marches… I hate it when devs hype people up but don’t deliver…. but what I truly despise is when some magazine claiming to have the “inside scoop” hypes people, and it isn’t even true..

    • http://www.onlysp.com/ Nick Calandra

      Eh, it really wasn’t intentional on OXM’s part, it was just a miscommunication thing between them and Laidlaw.

      • Daniel

        yeah, i guess… still… sucks..