Dying Light Gameplay Video Released


Dying Light, the upcoming zombie/freerunning game from Warner Brothers and Techland, the creators of Dead Island and Call of Juarez, has a brand new gameplay video. The video features over 12 minutes of escaping from infected zombies and seems to have similar gameplay to Dead Island except with a lot more manoeuvrability that’s similar to Mirror’s Edge. The game looks incredibly fast paced as the race is on to get to the supply crates around the map before other enemies can on top of running from the infected. Dying Light will be released in 2014 on PS3/Xbox360 and PC and will be out on next-gen consoles too.

Check out the trailer in all its glory below :

What do you think of Dying Light so far? There’s a lot of gameplay here to discuss so let us know what you think below or in the forums.

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