Frictional Game’s ‘SOMA’ Targeting Early 2015 Release for PS4 and PC, No Word on Xbox One Release

We were recently in touch with Frictional Games to talk about their upcoming horror title, SOMA, and we’ll be releasing all new details on the project this Thursday.

During our interview with Frictional Games, Creative Director Thomas Grip, revealed a bunch of new details about SOMA to us, their latest project heading to the PC and PS4. Currently, Frictional is hard at work building the biggest and most ambitious game they’ve made to date and in our interview we asked about the developer’s plan for release. Grip told us SOMA will “be released in 2015, hopefully the early half of that year. We have high ambitions with this game though and there are lots of risky design, so we do not wanna stress it out.”

As of right now, there is no Xbox One version of the game currently planned. Grip, in response to our question told us, “Right now our focus is on the PS4 and PC and I am unsure if we have time for more for release. I cannot say more at this point.” It’s a bit worrying to hear the number of indie developers currently skipping over the Xbox One as a release platform for their games. ID@Xbox has signed on over 200 developers, however, so we should start seeing more indie involvement from Microsoft’s side of things in due time. But, as for already announced games such as SOMA, Primal Carnage: Genesis and RIME… Xbox One players are missing out on some of 2014-15’s biggest indie offerings.

Many fans of the Amnesia series have been clamoring for a PS4 release of the Dark Descent. Grip told us the Frictional has had internal discussions on the topic, and “would like to do it, but SOMA is taking up so much time right now that it would be hard to devote time to it. SOMA has taken a long time to make as is, so we [Frictional] do not want to get sidetracked any more.”

Be on the lookout for all new details on SOMA on Thursday. We’ll be talking about story and gameplay elements, nex-gen features and more, so be sure not to miss it.

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  • Thinkaboutit

    It’s a bit worrying to hear the number of indie developers currently skipping over the Xbox One as a release platform for their games. ID@Xbox has signed on over 200 developers, however,


  • kevin

    No release for Xbox one , no support from on any plat.

    • javaz

      datz da spirit mang

      fuk em

  • datdude

    Devs prefer Sony. 6 million in sales to 3.5 million. Devs can do simple math, unlike some of the chucklefarts who post in these forums. Xbot sheep like to point to titanfall as some sort of sales salvation, but I’m betting that game will not generate huge xbone sales. I don’t even think Titanfall will generate as many sales for that console as might be generated by Infamous Second Son globally and/or the MGS Ground Zeroes release in Japan. The writing is on the wall. Gamers prefer PS4. Devs prefer PS4. Sheep prefer xbone.

    • http://www.onlysp.com/ Nick Calandra

      Why does it matter? Go enjoy the games you play and don’t worry about sales numbers and junk. Kinda part of the reason we never report on that stuff here because games are what matter to the people who buy the consoles.

      The only reason to post a comment like that is to rile up “fanboys” (I hate that word) who play on another systems and creates a pointless argument.