Guerrilla Game’s New IP an Open-World RPG, Comparable to The Witcher 3 in “Scope” – Insider


We’ve been hearing rumblings about Guerrilla Game’s new IP for quite some time. One of the insiders we trust, Shinobi602, may have dropped some further hints of what’s to come.

According to Shinobi602, Guerrilla Game’s next IP is some sort of open world RPG. As others have noted, some of the things posted in that erroneous leak that occurred the other day detailing Sony’s Press Conference in full are legit. But to what extent exactly most are uncertain.

An E3 reveal for the game is likely according to Shinobi, and in a much more interesting note the game is being compared to The Witcher in terms of the game’s scope which, is a bit vague as Shinobi noted to us, but could relate to the game’s story, open world size etc, but we’ll let you speculate on that part. Personally I think it’s related to the game’s world size considering the IP is supposedly open world.

Shinobi confirmed to us directly the this piece of information comes from a trusted journalist that he knows and not from a direct source inside Sony.

The IP is indeed real, however, and has been in the works for over two years now as noted in this video from Playstation Japan released back in February. At the end of the video, executive producer Angie Smets says, “We are working on a new IP, and we started on that already two and a half years ago, but unfortunately we cannot share details yet of the new IP, so you’ll have to be a bit more patient on that.”

No other details on the game are currently known as Guerrilla Games have continued to keep their lips sealed on the subject. The fact that the game is possibly comparable to the Witcher in scope is quite the interesting detail however. As with the rest of the rumors we report, be sure to take this with a grain of salt, but feel free to add a bit of hype and speculation in there as well. Sony seems to have a lot of interesting projects in the works and we’re just as excited as you are to learn more about them.

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