Guerrilla Game’s PS4 Open-World RPG to Include “Robot Dinos, Female Protaganist” and More – Insider


Shinobi602 is quickly becoming our most trusted inside source here at OnlySP. He’s provided legitimate info to us on multiple occasions now with the name for Halo 5, Quantum Break release date being set to 2015, the next Battlefield game and other things as of late. Today, he shares details on Guerrilla Game’s next IP.

According to Shinobi, Guerrilla Game’s new open world RPG is going to be quite different from their previous works. The game is apparently set in an open world environment full of “exotic creatures and lush environments”, Shinobi said. In addition, and this is the juicy bit, the game will also have robotic dinosaurs as well, meaning that the game is still set in a Sci-Fi setting which seems fitting according to Guerrilla’s past works.

He also provided details on the game’s main protagonist, which actually happens to be a red headed female. No name was given at this time, but it’s very interesting to see the direction that Guerrilla is taking with this new IP.  Shinobi continued on to say the target date set for this new IP is Fall 2015, with a full reveal at next year’s E3. A teaser trailer could appear this year, but that’s based on our own speculation.  

In our previous post on Guerrilla Game’s rumored project, the world size of the game has been compared to The Witcher 3’s in “scope”. You can read all about that right here.

Quite the exciting project if all this proves to be true, but again, none of this is confirmed information at this time. As we noted above, however, Shinobi602 is definitely someone you can trust not to pass along junk information, which, up until now we had abstained from reporting on inside sources. We’ll keep you updated on this story if we hear anything more. In the mean-time, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest.

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