Half-Life 3 Confirmation Right Around The Corner?


Two recent discoveries point to the possibility that the oft-rumoured and highly anticipated Half-Life 3 is in active development at Valve. A NeoGAF user spotted a trademark with the Registration Office of the European Union, filed on the 29th of September, while it has also been discovered that a similar trademark was filed for the Half-Life symbol back in July. There’s no guarantee that either of these means that the title is in the works, as it could be as simple a matter as Valve seeking to protect its assets in the same way that other companies purchase domain names relating to potential sequels to their games.

A slightly more solid foundation for the recent upwelling of rumour comes from another NeoGAF user, who discovered that there were two listings for the game on Valve’s bug tracker website: Half-Life 3 and Half-Life 3 Core. It further indicated that 46 developers were involved in the project, though that isn’t necessarily the full list of staff members working on it. Unfortunately, the site can no longer be accessed, but it may be a case of too little, too late to attempt a cover-up.

It must also be admitted that it would be a wise move for Valve to get Half-Life 3 out the door, as its existence and exclusivity could prove to be a massive coup for the recently announced SteamOS and Steam Machines. We’ll keep you updated when and if any more details are forthcoming.


Source(s): NeoGAF (1),(2)

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