Halo: Master Chief Collection is Real, Will be Revealed at E3 – Insider


As you probably know, last night Shinobi602 leaked the Halo 5: Guardians announcement that occurred this morning. Now he’s weighed in on the Halo: Master Chief Collection that Engadget reported on a few hours ago.

According to Shinobi, the rumor is indeed true and we can expect to see it at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference.

Talking to Shinobi directly, he tells us that, and this is just speculation on his part that, “Realistically at least they’re all 1080p so they’ll look sharper. ”

Currently the collection is rumored to include all four of the numbered Halo games, but Halo: Reach and ODST will not be included. It’s also unclear what the games will include on the multiplayer side of things. Maybe Halo 2’s multiplayer will get a full remake, maybe 3 as well which would be very exciting to see. We won’t bother contacting Micrsoft to confirm whether or not this rumor is indeed true as you all know the response we’d get.

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