‘Homefront’ Sequel News Coming Monday, “Big Improvement Over the First” – Insider


It looks like we’ll finally get the first news on the sequel to Homefront this upcoming week.

According to Shinobi602, who has been very reliable in a number of leaks including the Halo 5: Guardians name and embargo, Battlefield: Hardline and other big leaks, Crytek will announce the sequel to Homefront this coming Monday along with another “surprise” title which is most likely a new F2P title as noted by Superannuation, our other trusted source.



Shinobi added that from what he’s been told, the sequel to Homefront is a huge improvement over the first game, but did not delve into any further detail at this time, most likely out of respect for the source providing him with the information. Some very, and we mean very early footage for Homefront 2 leaked a long while back, which didn’t show much, but did indicate that the game was in development.    

Arguably, the best piece of news to come out of this is that the game will be on the current generation consoles only, so no more cross-gen stuff. The game, according to Shinobi will be at E3, but won’t be featured in any of the press conferences. The publisher, at this time, is still currently unknown.


So, Shinobi602 has been very reliable with leaks as of late so you can probably assume there will be a reveal on Monday regarding the sequel to Homefront. What are your hopes for the sequel and do you think this will be just another graphical showcase from Crytek, or something special in the FPS department? The original game had a lot of potential to be good, but didn’t exactly meet its mark, so hopefully the next Homefront will be the game you’ve been asking for.

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