Idol Minds, Please Make PAIN 2


I’m not sure how many of you remember PAIN, but when I bought my PS3, that was the one game that came with the system alongside Metal Gear Solid IV and I still play it to this day with friends and family. Never before has a game made me laugh so hard to the point where I’m crying. Obviously, I’ve outgrown the game a bit as this was 6 years ago now, but as I get ready to enter my freshman year in college, I can already see my dorm buddies and I having some late nights playing one of the PS3’s first classic games.

If you’ve never heard or played PAIN, the game essentially gives you a giant slingshot and a character to fling around a giant map filled with random objects to cause pain to your character. The game is really a joy to play with friends or family as it’s filled with crude humor and the rag doll physics just make the game a joy to watch as your character is repeatedly smacked into trains, crushed by bowling balls, riding roller coasters by grabbing onto the back and getting struck by the rails. One of the best examples of the crude humor is throwing your character into a billboard of a doctor with his left hand putting on a glove. You can snap of the fingers off the billboard one by one until only his giant middle finger is left standing. The video below is just another example of the hilariousness that is PAIN.
Disclaimer: The video may be inappropriate for some ages.


Considering the game is over 6 years old now though, I would love to see developer Idol Minds craft a next-gen sequel for PAIN. PAIN was actually a very unique game at the time, using lots of physics based activities for most of the gameplay elements. With the next-gen technology available to the developers, it’d be the perfect game to test out the PS4’s next-gen capabilities with PhysX and other new next-gen utilities. An example of this would be adding destructibility to the environments, allowing the player to smash through walls and take down buildings and so on.

The game was PSN’s most popular game and I’m baffled by the fact that we haven’t seen a sequel by now. The game was supported up until maybe about 2 years ago with plentiful DLC add-ons and a test lab that provided new ways to the play the game every week. I haven’t checked in a while to see if the game is still receiving updates, but I’m sure the second a sequel is even teased by Sony for the PS4, if they’re developing one of course, the fan base for the original would go nuts.

Have you played PAIN? If so feel free to share your stories in the comments or on the forums and let us know if you want Idol Minds and Sony to make a sequel to PAIN. If you’ve never played PAIN and are looking for a great time waster and party game, I highly advise you download a copy. You won’t regret that decision.

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