Lichdom – New Single Player RPG Announced, Being Developed on CryEngine


The announcement trailer for a new single-player RPG has hit YouTube. Lichdom, developed by Xaviant LLC, is a first-person fantasy RPG that focuses on the player’s spell casting abilities. Drawing obvious comparisons to the Elder Scrolls series, Lichdom will feature hundreds of combinations of spells, as well as a method to craft your own spells instead of needing to research and buy scrolls.

Players take on the role of the “Dragon,” a young apprentice type to an enigmatic wizard who gifts a set of bracers which channel the magic power. Highly customizable, the player can choose what type of magic fits their playstyle, but had better choose wisely since the powerful offensive powers but weak defense makes the player into a glass cannon.

Featuring beautiful vistas and varied locales, Lichdom looks to wow players in the summer of 2014. The game is being developed on the latest version of Crytek’s CryEngine. Playtesters can apply to be an early player at http://www.lichdom.com/.

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