Many of you have been asking when we’ll get to see gameplay for Tomasz Gop’s latest game, Lords of the Fallen, and unfortunately, we still don’t have a definite answer for you.

We asked Tomasz Gop when we’ll get to see gameplay in our interview and the simple answer was, “soon”. Thankfully however, Gop told us, “life taught me not to give specific dates before they’re set in stone, so… soon. All I can say is we’ve already been working on the first gameplay trailer for weeks.“

Rest Neo, the answers are coming”.

When the gameplay is finally revealed, gamers should be in for a treat. Gop says, “You have to see it. Really, I can’t wait to release our first gameplay trailer (soon!) – I’m fairly positive that it will speak for itself. It truly is breathtaking.”

Obviously there’s a little bit of PR oomph in there, but based on Gop’s previous work with The Witcher series, we’re excited to see what he has to show off. Other sites that have seen the game in action at preview events have said there’s a great amount of detail in the graphics and it looks fantastic.