Lords of the Fallen More Similar to Demon’s Souls than Dark Souls, Hardcore Mode in “Plans”


The Lords of the Fallen twitter account has revealed a couple new details about the upcoming game.

In response to a user’s question about whether or not Lords of the Fallen would be more similar to From Software’s Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls, the twitter handle responded that the game will share more similarities with Demon’s Souls than Dark Souls. This is more than likely pertaining to how Demon’s Souls world is crafted, with a central hub that allows you to access different locations, rather than Dark Soul’s more open ended approach to its world.

As we have previously mentioned in a news story, the developers of Lords of the Fallen are really looking forward to getting the game in gamers’ hands, as some are pretty speculative about the game’s difficulty. According to Deck13, the game is already pretty difficult, with the press often comparing it to Dark Souls, but for those looking for a super challenging experience a “Hardcore” mode is planned for Lords of the Fallen.

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