Lords Of The Fallen Will Take At Least 15 Hours To Finish, Potentially Infinite With New Game +

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Lords of the Fallen, the upcoming game by Deck 13 and CI Games Studio, has been on our radar for quite some time now. The RPG, which is being produced by Tomasz Gop, perhaps best known for his former role as producer of The Witcher series, looks to restore difficulty and complexity to the RPG genre.

In an interview with OnlySP, Tomasz Gop revealed that Lords of the Fallen should take around 15 hours to complete – provided you’re only rushing through the main quest.

“if we’re talking about strictly walking through the main quest and skipping everything else – what a loss! – then something along the lines of 15 hours might give you an idea [of length].”

And, if racing to the end of the main quest is not something you enjoy – and Gop says Lords of the Fallen is squarely targeted at “achievers and completionists” – then Gop promises that there will be plenty to keep you busy. “Technically, with New Game +, exploration, lots of secrets and optional loot, [gameplay length] might be infinite.” Gop told us. That means that Lords of the Fallen will have lots more to do on top of the main story quest, including side quests, optional world sections, and secrets to find.

Lords of the Fallen looks set to deliver a fantastic role playing experience, filled with plenty to see and do beyond the main story quest. You can look for it in Fall/Autumn 2014 (or Spring if you’re below the equator) for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Keep your eyes on OnlySP for more details on Lords of the Fallen over the next few days, including the full exclusive interview with Tomasz Gop.

  • Sean

    Looking forward to seeing how lords turns out when it is released.So far,it is sounds to be shaping up nicely! Visually it is quite striking IMO. I get a strong Darksiders meets demon/dark souls vibe from what I’ve seen.

    • http://www.onlysp.com/ Nick Calandra

      We’re pretty excited about it too. We haven’t seen gameplay for ourselves yet, but our interview for the game goes live tomorrow and some of things they told us have me really excited about how combat works in the game. Although, if it’s anything like Dark Souls, well, it’ll sit on my shelf and haunt me as long as I own it haha.

  • Daniel Dorestant

    The story better be damn good, one think that made Demon Souls/Dark Souls so good, is the story stayed out of the way lol

    • Crusina .

      The story was absolutely everywhere, dozens of weapons, corpses, jails, etc. They all tell a story if you pay attention. The story is just as prevalent as combat if you pay attention.

      • Daniel Dorestant

        I didn’t say there wasnt a story… I said it stays outta the way

  • Dark_N11

    I wonder if this game is like DA and Witcher (story dialogues etc) or it’s like dark souls (more combat focus).

    • http://www.onlysp.com/ Nick Calandra

      From what he’s told us it’s more like Dark Souls. Full interview airs tomorrow so expect a more concrete answer then :)

      • Dark_N11

        alright.. thanks man!

  • seena

    awesome, gimme the gameplay video already

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Yes, this is definitely on my Wish List!

  • Anon

    Wish is was also for Wii U… guess I won’t get to play this. That’s a serious bummer.