Mafia III Adds Car Customization and Races in Free DLC

Mafia III

2K Games has just released another free DLC pack for Mafia III, introducing car customization and races, as well as new outfits for protagonist Lincoln Clay.

A highly-requested feature by fans, players can now customize their cars with a variety of upgrades such as decals, exhausts, and wheels, with over 50 options available. Many of the customizations need to be unlocked through another new feature: car races.

Citing the fact that “the inspiration for the driving in Mafia III were the classic car chase films of the late 1960s and early 1970s,” 2K has added twelve races to New Bordeaux: six circuit lap races, and six point-to-point races.

Winning these races is key to unlocking all the customization options, as well as earning the tenth car, and they become available as soon as players finish their “first sit-down with all three lieutenants.”

In addition to these new vehicular options, two new outfits, “Bad, Bad Mr. Burke” and “On the Prowl” have also been added. For those who link their My2K account to their profile, a third outfit is also unlocked, a three-piece suit called the “Classico” as well as a new revolver called “Il Duca.”


2K also promises more content come the new year, hinting at further customization and performance options for the cars, as well as continued patches and fixes.

Mafia III was met with a warm reception when it was released in October, praised for its strong characters and narrative, and has continued to see free DLC and patches since that release. 2K is giving the game the support it deserves, and ensuring that old players will continue to stick with the family, and new ones will be inclined to join it.

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