Metro 2033 “Essentially Completely Redone”, Original vs Redux Shot Shows Significantly Upgraded Graphics


One question many Metro fans have who played Metro: 2033 has been answered by Huw Beynon, the global brand manager for Deep Silver.

Answering a question on the Playstation Blog regarding the updated version of Metro 2033, Beynon explained that the game has been pretty much completely redone saying, “Huge improvements have been made, especially on Metro 2033. The game is essentially completely redone. Really hope you enjoy it!”

He went into further detail of what to expect when answering another question regarding the topic of upgrades in Metro: Last Light and 2033, explaining that, “It’s important to point out that it not only LOOKS better, but since we revamped the gunplay and gameplay features it also PLAYS significantly better.” According to Beynon, the upgraded game mechanics in 2033 will allow you to play the game as you would play Last Light, which I would assume that means that the enemy AI from Last Light is in 2033, along with the updated stealth mechanics, which will quite literally fix most, if not all the issues I had with the original game.

On Twitter, Beynon released the comparison shot you see below showing off the game’s significantly upgraded visuals. Definitely cannot wait to see 2033 in action with those visuals, the game is already 4 years old, but even back then it was a gorgeous looking game.

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