New Lords of the Fallen Trailer Reveals the Game’s Beautiful World

Lords of the Fallen is one beautiful looking game. The environments are highly detailed and have some great looking skyboxes to say the least. The latest trailer for the game shows off more of the game’s world as well as provides some details pertaining to the game’s story.

Check out the latest trailer for the game just below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section just below.

  • Miras Kawet

    This world trailer looks pretty good for me. Graphics is on hight level, details looks fully developed: fire, snow, light. Story sounds very interesting: “Only evil can destroy evil.” 馃榾

  • Trailer

    You can see that from the graphic, worked hard be. You can see it in any material. And especially here. Excellent play of light and colors. Harkyn looks fantastic. Just like his opponents. Ehh I also came up with this text in the ear. Harkyn is not polite a boy, so I think he can handle .;)

  • Gamer

    Honestly I wish to that graphics in the game will be as good as on this world trailer. Bad man need destroy bad gods so for me this is good idea to story on the game. Ican not wait to release date to this game.

  • moreThanZero666

    trailer will always look better than the game itself, but that does not mean that the game will look bad. is some gameplay that accurately show you can see, that the game will be great!