New PS4 Title “Greenlit” Post Gamescom, “Sounds Very Good” – Insider


Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed has been posting tips on his Twitter account for sometime now. Today, he reports that a new PS4 title has been greenlit post Gamescom.

While Rasheed doesn’t delve into any detail on the project to make sure his “source” stays out of trouble, he does say the title “sounds VERY good”. Not much to go on, and not much of a surprise, but if any of his insider tips prove to be true, this would be good news for Sony fans still disappointed by Sony Santa Monica’s cancellation as well as the other unannounced games that may have been canned.


Luckily, according to Rasheed, the titles that were cut weren’t very good. So maybe Sony dodged a bullet getting rid of games that didn’t match the quality Playstation fans expect from exclusive titles.


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