OnlySP December 2013 Update


Hey all,

Site owner Nick here. It’s been a slow couple of months here at OnlySP. Many writers have come and gone, college has begun and I’m slowly working on getting a new set of writers and a restructure of the content that is posted here on OnlySP.

Currently our main focus is editorial content, but soon we will be focusing more on journalism related topics. What those topics will be, we’ll have to further discuss that as a team, but our content will become more critical of the games we cover. We’ll have regular reviews, but after the reviews we will take a second approach to some of the bigger games we cover.

Damien’s Lawless Perspective articles are a good example of what we’ll begin to do more of, but obviously it won’t be writing a book each time. Lachlan’s Only Speaking Professionally articles are another attempt of ours to do a bit more investigative journalism and so far his topics have done pretty well both commercially and feedback wise. The site will also start to use its YouTube channel more with commentary videos from Simon for Xbox One games and we’ll get someone to cover the PS4 side of things as well, as soon as technology allows.

As for news, we plan to bring back the Big 12 and put our focus on the biggest single player games coming up in the next 12 months. We have a brand new list started up, and it will continue to be updated. In doing this our focus will be on the games we’re meant to cover as a single player site. For each of the Big 12 games, we’ll do our best to obtain exclusive interviews with the developers of those games. Our focus on indie games will also continue to grow as they continue to become a large force of the industry. Last night’s VGX awards really pushed that notion home with the excitement shown behind No Man’s Sky.

At the same time, as the industry changes, we must as well. Readers have already made it clear that they would like us to cover certain multiplayer oriented games like The Division and Destiny. Since those games can be played alone, we see fit to report on those as well. I’m sure No Man’s Sky will hit that list as well.

The next point of this post is about community involvement with the site. We’re looking for more ways to bring more of you to comment on the site and generate discussion. At this point via our visitor stat tracking, we have a growing trend of daily returning visitors, and we’d love to see more of you comment on the site. Not only for stats purposes, but because we like to take part in these discussions as well and speak directly to the gamers. We’re very proud of the discussions we have on OnlySP due to the fact that they are almost always civil between our readers and avoid starting up pointless arguments about which console is better than the other and so on. The forums have taken a bit of a hiatus again as I just couldn’t devote enough time to keep them running at full capacity as I’ve started my first year of college and for that I apologize.

Over the month of December I will be on break and we will work on getting everything set up for the next year of gaming which will undoubtedly be a great one. OnlySP will return in full form in January with an updated writing team, more reviews, news and a new focus on the gaming industry that we hope many of you will come to enjoy.

As always, we appreciate every single reader that visits OnlySP and we will always do our best to provide you the highest quality content that we can. OnlySP will take a new approach to news taking and put a much bigger focus on single player content in 2014 and we hope you all join us for the ride.

Have a great holiday season everyone, and again, thank you for all the support! If you’re a regular reader here, please leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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