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PAX Impressions: Dead Island 2


I decided to take another trip to paradise by playing a 25 minute demo of Dead Island 2, and got to talk to Yager Development about their vision on the sequel. I was able to play in a confined area of the world and play a couple of side missions while making some interesting weapons.

In the demo I played, I was the Berserker Tank class, who as a fireman wields a sledge hammer as his weapon. The beautiful LA landscape absorbed me into the game as chaos and death set the backdrop. This a constant theme in the series that began with the first entry, but Yager Development wanted to give fans a familiar setting in the real world. Contrary to many beliefs, Dead Island 2 is not shifting tones to a comedy-themed sequel. It plans on staying true to the series roots.

The demo had me finding electrical batteries to craft a shotgun that shot electric shells into zombies. The zombies seemed tougher then in the first game, and the combat is much smoother. Giant hulking enemies would try and box me in and vomit poison, but with quick dodges I was able to slaughter them with my sledge hammer. Another mission I played had me defending a party bar. The party is making noise and is attracting zombies, leaving me to clean up their mess as I look around the street looking for loot and parts for weapons.

Everything about Dead Island 2 is an improvement over the first game. The combat plays well, the graphics are great, the classes have more abilities, crafting is available everywhere in the menu, and Zombies are even more deadly. While not relevant to singe player news, I was told the original 4 player co-op is being expanded to 8 players in the full game.

Dead Island 2 releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in Spring of 2015.

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