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PAX Impressions: Far Cry 4


While at PAX, I was lucky enough to explore the world of Kyrat in a 20 minute demo of Far Cry 4. It was a simple mission of invading a fortress conquered by the Kyrat soldiers. In the demo I am told I can enter with different options. I could go in stealthily by sneaking around, or could explore the limited world and find an Elephant to ride on as it rams into the fortress.


With limited time, I improvise and take out my LMG. I shoot the front door and blow it to pieces, sounding the alarm for all the soldiers. Bullets begin to fly and I slide behind several crates for cover. With the LMG I am able to mow down enemies with ease, and continue into the fort. However a jeep slides down a path and begins to open fire. I dodge to the left and try to shoot the gunner.

Before I can kill the gunner, a grenade slides by me. I run for cover and am now exposed in the open, with my cover blown a soldier engages me in close quarters combat. I pull out my second weapon, a double-barreled shotgun and blow him away, his body slamming against the wall covered in blood. With the gunner of the jeep unloading at my location and soldiers surrounding me, I soon meet my end.


The entire battle was intense, and it felt as smooth as Far Cry 3. While the controls are very similar, the landscape of Kyrat steals the show with beautiful mountains in the background, and the  snow covered hills. The creature AI has improved a lot, and interact with the environment according to your character’s actions. Far Cry 4 is turning out great, and I can’t wait to explore all of Kyrat.

Far Cry 4 releases on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC on November 18th.

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