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PAX Impressions: Lords of the Fallen


In the 15 minute demo I played at PAX Prime, I was able to check out how Lords of the Fallen from Deck 13 was turning out. Because I died so quickly, no doubt because of its similar difficulty to Dark souls, I wasn’t able to gauge much, but what I did play was fun and engaging.


In the demo, I spawned at a checkpoint and navigated through some strange temple. The controls and combat are almost identical to Dark Souls, but the combat is much quicker, and the main character maneuvers much faster in battle. Some of the menu and UI systems are also designed differently, which is good because it was much easier to navigate. My main weapons were a large sword and shield adorned with spikes.


I went upstairs being cautious of enemies that might sneak out and attack and I encountered a large hulking beast with a with a large sword and shield. In the battle I used the lock-on system like that in From Software’s game and dodged his attacks to find an opening. The creature slams his shield down and leaves himself open, I thrust my sword and deal some damage, but he knocks me back onto the ground to deliver a volley of attacks.

Before I could counter, another creature ambushes me from behind and kills me with a back-stab. The combat is quick, but my enemies are too brutal for me to handle with such limited supplies. What I played of Lords of the Fallen, was not only difficult but fun, another reason for fans of harsh games to become excited.

Lords of the Fallen releases on October 28th, 2014 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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