Playstation Now Won’t Give you Access to a Digital Copy of Games you Own on Disc


Playstation Now was unveiled to the world yesterday as the Gaikai powered streaming service that will bring PSOne, PS2, and PS3 games to the PS4.

In an interview with CVG, John Koller explained that users who already own copies of their games in a physical form on PS3 or older platforms will not be able to get a digital copy of their game for free. At least not yet they won’t.

When asked if owners will simply have to put a PS3 disc into the PS4, Koller said, “We… uh, initially, no. So, we’re saying no to that right now.” CVG went a step further and asked if this was even a feature Sony was looking into. Koller responded with a resounding “no”.

It’ll be interesting to see if Sony offers some sort of discount for games you already own or if there’s just a one time subscription fee to access the games in the library like OnLive did with it’s Playpack.

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