Quantum Break – New Story and Gameplay Details

Remedy revealed some new details about their upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break, at tonight’s Spike VGX awards. The game follows the story of two main characters, Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, following the breaking of time after something goes horribly wrong with a time travel relay. This break in time creates anomalies which leads the environments of the game to change dramatically, resulting in some truly creative gameplay scenarios.

Both Jack and Beth are playable characters and Remedy made it clear that Quantum Break is a true action game, rather than something more in the vein of Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls. The game features intense cinematic gunplay and cover mechanics along with a number of time powers. Remedy stated on the show that the game is a culmination of everything they’ve learned from the action of Max Payne and the storytelling of Alan Wake.

Player decisions in the game will affect what Remedy calls, “junction moments”. These moments put you in control of the main antagonist of the game, Paul Serene, during which you can see the future and from there, choose which “junction path” to follow. Remedy was a bit vague when explaining how this works so hopefully we’ll know more soon.

When asked about the next-gen features of the game, Remedy stated that every object in the game can be shifted both forwards and backwards in time. In regards to player animation every action is captured on camera in real-time creating a digital double of the main characters. In doing so, Remedy stated this creates a much more emotionally engaging experience.

Though there was no mention of a release window tonight, you can check out the first footage of the game below in a new trailer revealed at VGX just below. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest on Quantum Break.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    Feel the butthurt Sony fanboys.

    • cubs223425

      Are you really going to go there? This is a third-party exclusive, meaning there is no guarantee future titles will be Microsoft-exclusive launches (like Titanfall). That, and Quantum Break doesn’t change the fact that Sony kills this action/adventure genre, when you compare its exclusives (Uncharted, The Last of Us) to what Microsoft does in-house (what, Fable and nothing else?).

      This is 100% coming from a Microsoft fan who doesn’t even play the action/adventure genre much: You’re delusional and shouldn’t use one game to bring down the tens of titles in this genre Sony has control over.

    • Damien L.

      Wouldn’t call m’self a fanboy, but I do prefer Sony consoles… Quantum Break does indeed look very good but it is one of only two currently announced game trying to convince me to pick up an XBO (the other is Sunset Overdrive, FYI). For me though, it isn’t enough to make a better case than Uncharted, inFamous and The Order, all three of which come from studios that have proven themselves as best in class with their previous titles. So… no, not feeling any butthurt, I’m afraid.

      • TimmyToodles

        … Not outright disagreeing with you… but…

        Halo5 – system seller
        Titanfall – system seller
        Fable Legends – system seller

        Quantum Break – system seller if it’s as good as Alan Wake
        Xbox Fitness V2 – current is good, updated could be seller for casuals

        Susnset Overdrive, Project Spark, Below, D4, and “Black Tusk” game

        On the PS4 side…

        Deep Down – a F2P / Pay to Win game.

        Infamous second son – with it’s anti-hero in skinny jeans, a knit beanie, chain bracelet and an ironic cut-off jean jacket… It’s actually very nice the LGBT community has a representative in the next gen line up.

        The Order – literally nothing has been seen of this, right there with Sunset

        Uncharted 4 and mandatory Last of Us sequel – those will be system sellers but it’s asking a lot of one studio to carry the console.

        I wouldn’t say anyone should be afraid or butthurt, it’s just very clear that for all the shit they received for it, MS is KILLING IT on games. Sony is very much maintaining par, and that’s about all.

        • Damien L.

          That’s why I wrote “for me”. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Halo and Titanfall both seem destined to be great, but they do nothing for me for the very same reason as Killzone: Shadow Fall; they’re FPS games. Fable has never been for me. Project Spark and Below both seem interesting, but not much more than that. D4 has a nice concept, but Swery’s not known for excellence of execution and we know zero about the Black Tusk title.

          Deep Down can crawl in a hole and die.
          Both publishers have good looking games, and there is a lot yet to be announced, with both also having a plethora of internal studios, but the PS4/XBO generation isn’t looking all that exciting from either side from where I’m sitting.

          • TimmyToodles

            “Deep Down can crawl in a hole and die”