Return to Rapture in the First Batch of Bioshock Infinite DLC


It’s finally happened. We now know why Ken Levine was so excited for today as Irrational Games have just released not one, but two trailers for Bioshock: Infinite as well a new challenge map available today.

Clash In The Clouds seems to be your standard “Arena” mode with Booker taking on hordes of enemies from The Handyman to the Motorized Patriot with multiple methods from using sky-hooks, vigors and automatic weapons. This DLC is available today for free for Season Pass holders but costs $5 for those who don’t have one.

Burial At Sea: Episode 1 looks to be the most promising DLC out of the two. The episode looks to take place on the night before the fall of Rapture from Bioshock 1 and features both Booker and Elizabeth. However, Elizabeth seems to be more mature, noir and almost sultry in this DLC. No release date has been given for Burial At Sea: Episode 1 yet.





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